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"Mini Prison" in Marcos Paz: a secret place where former Kirchners accountants before being released

During the last two weeks of his arrest, Víctor Manzanares lived in a special place: a three-room house located inside the Marcos Paz prison. The place is specifically updated to accommodate certain members of the Questionable Witness and Collaborative Program. It has a bar, camera, kitchen and even a terrace where you can take a walk without connecting with other inmates.. Regardless of the facilities, this is not a pleasant place. "Mini Prison" is a bunker, with three security rings. Manzanares is alone, surrounded by members of "Los Lobos", an elite group dedicated to caring for Program members.

Manzanares repented in February and went through a long process until he was accepted as a collaborator. In his judicial statement, and later in the media, he said how he washed money for Daniel Muñoz and details of the bag's movement with money. He also revealed how expertise in cases of illegal enrichment of Kirchners would be armed.

In the past few weeks, Kirchner's former accountant He sent a public message to get benefits after the disclosure. He even threatened to leave the Program that governs the Ministry of Justice. But he is always careful not to complicate the situation of the former president. Therefore, in Comodoro Py many suspect their words. "He became a millionaire with all this, he doesn't regret anything", said one researcher who had met face to face.

Two weeks ago, Manzanares left the cell where he lived in the last few months in the Palermo area. At that place I didn't have the possibility to go to the terrace and I suffered confinement. The transfer to Marcos Paz prison was carried out in secret and kept as a reserve.

The conditions of detention have improved, confirmed from his defense. "Ait will be better ", ironically last night his lawyer, Roberto Herrero.

Places that have been prepared specifically for Manzanares are empty, but those responsible for the Contributor Witness and Contributors Program have analyzed who will occupy these three places. "We must analyze the profile, cannot coexist with former drug dealer officials", graficó official source.

Although he has threatened to leave the Program, the former accountant Kirchners are still in it. That is why it was decided not to return to his home but to a "special" place to protect his safety.

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