Mini pickup for small children and a test drive for the big ones: boarding activities & # 39; City Beach & # 39; the new one


Every summer nearly 3 million tourists choose cities on the Atlantic Coast to rest and have fun on various tourist, recreational and sports beaches.

And as in all places – and more with the number of people present year after year -, It is necessary and mandatory that there is a safety and prevention plan for the tranquility of tourists.

In that context, yes Amarok returns to bet on prevention and rescue services installed every year and covers more than 22 kilometers beachfront at the spas of Pinamar, Carilo, Valeria del Mar and Ostend, making it the official vehicle for Operational Safety at the Beach.

Also, -and that's not a small factor-, is the largest beach security in South America, both for staff numbers, and in extensions to provide services:

– 250 coast guards are distributed along the beach strip.

– 12 hours of service by the coast guard – from 9am to 9pm

– On the tourist beach there are mangrullo surveillance every 100 meters.

This is done because safety is one of the Volkswagen's pillars and, anchored under this concept, Amarok is ready to carry out all the assistance and supervision tasks carried out by the coast guard on the beach front: order and enforce the access area with all terrain vehicles, conduct first aid in the possibility of an accident, allow rapid evacuation of affected people, collaborate with rescue marine fauna specimens, bring them to ecological foundations.

"Beach is a good place to be enjoyed with family and friends, but with responsibility, just as we bet on concern for the environment, we also want to look after our customers," he said. Martín Massimino, General Manager of the Volkswagen Brand.

But not all of them remain in security operations, but in turn, there are some summer activities in this completely new hostel located in Pinamar Norte. City Beach by Amarok is an integral proposal that has new space, pre-beaches, beaches, gastronomy, fashion, art, photography and events.

Parador showcased the Amarok V6 Extreme and V6 Comfortline for all curious people and tried the strongest pickup in their segment. But the novelty will be CV Amarok 258 which was exhibited for the first time in the country: a unit brought mainly from Germany, which has 258 horses and maintains a 4-wheel drive all-wheel drive with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

In addition, he will have an exclusive accreditation place for the program "Amarok Test Drive for the dunes", which is offered every day from 11am to 8pm.

Mini pick up for small children

Children can also enjoy recreation rooms, games and the "Amarok Experience", where they can handle mini pick-ups every day from 16:00 to 18:00.

Also, and as an absolute novelty on the beach, this brand founded & # 39; Volkswagen Kids & # 39; This is a meeting place for all families where the youngest will be able to drive an electric car on a child scale from the Amarok model.

"Amarok Test Drive by the dunes" program, offered every day from 11am to 8pm.

Kota Pantai by Amarok adheres to environmental conservation awareness including, among other healthy practices, the use of rainwater received in drums for use in garden irrigation, recycling baskets, LED lighting and actions from "beach cleaner"

"The" Beach Cleaning "is an action we take to protect
this natural protection, a special place. There is no cement here, no bricks;
We are in the middle of the dunes, with no buildings in sight, "explained Carlos Diedrichs, City Beach Commercial Manager.

"From Volkswagen Amarok we support this initiative
they contribute to reducing environmental impacts. Our responsibility is
ensuring the future of mobility, keeping it safe and compatible with the environment. said Nicolas Matavos, Division Brand Manager
Volkswagen Argentina Commercial Vehicles.


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