Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7: follow these steps to update your operating system


It's time to say goodbye Windows 7. The operating system will stop being updated next year, according to Microsoft.

A computer company based in Redmond, Washington, announced this since January 14, 2020 the operating system is no longer maintained, so he asks users to migrate to Windows 10, even though this suggestion has been made since 2016.

Brad Anderson, Microsoft's corporate vice president, said that "by early 2019, we all set personal goals, for those of us who work in the computer field, it's time to think about a modern and strengthened work environment in a connected world."

Anderson said that this modification Because we have to be "proactive" in the face of "unavoidable" technological change.

Your computer's security can be vulnerable if you don't update your Windows, because that hackers They can take advantage of "holes" that may be on the platform by not receiving updates.

"Right now, Concerns about security are the main reasons for upgrading to modern desktops"Anderson added.

Some risks are exposed computers are password theft and data security.

The system will automatically notify you that an update is available, but if that doesn't happen, You must follow the next four steps to improve your Windows 7 operating system to version 10.

You must go to the beginning of your computer and follow the steps below:

1.- Access configuration
2. -Search for options: Updates and security
3.-Select the Windows Update tool
4.-And then click Check for updates

Updating your operating system has costs that vary depending on the version you need. The veranda has a value of USD 139 and is recommended for domestic use; Pro can be purchased starting at USD 200 for small businesses, and Pro for Workstations, designed for advanced users and companies that require additional functions, starting at USD 309.

Remember that before making an update, you must make a backup or back your file, so you don't lose photos, videos or important documents.

The "Backup and restore" option you will find on your computer's control panel. This application is used to make new copies or restore existing ones. This may take several minutes, so don't despair or interfere with the process or your information will be lost.
A useful recommendation is to save everything you want to backup on an external hard drive so there is no risk of losing any files.


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