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Merval ended the year with the worst results in a decade

Main action from the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange today reached a 2.6% increase and they close the year together the increase was only 0.7%, the worst result in ten years, while the risk of the country experiences a setback and stands at 810 points, when the end of 2017 is at 350.

On this last day, on Monday it will not be feasible even if the international market operates, the Merval indicator rises to 30,292.55 points and the volume traded in stocks reaches $ 570 million.

Remaining price balance 56 papers increased, 18 in low and 13 species without change.

Bag and Argentine Market with 7.42%; Mirgor, 6.44%; Banco Macro, 6.29% and Grupo Financiero Valores, 5.82%.

On the other hand, they were closed: Aluar with 4.42% and Transportadora Gas del Norte, 0.88%.

Throughout December, the decline gained 3.8% and this year slightly rose 0.7%, which is it is far from just a haven for investors and savers in the face of inflation reaching 50%.

On the bond market, Argentina's main bonds denominated in dollars are greatly strengthened and in some cases, more than 3%, in line with the increase in country risk.

Bonar 2024 has increased 3.1%; while, Bonar 2021 rose 2.1%, Discounts and Argentina 2025, 1.8%, and hundred-year bonds, 1.6%.

"A year to forget is over, where the brutal devaluation of the peso had an extreme weakening in the Argentine economy. The latest rise made the Merval index retrace, nominally, managed to return to the minimum, "said Mauro Morelli, analyst at RavaBusiness.

Specialists say that the role of Argentine companies operating on Wall Street "suffered a very heavy blow during the year, with low in 30% and more than 70% in dollars, almost everything is really melted ".

"Economic concerns for developing countries, Argentina has the worst performance In this category, and political instability and economic uncertainty, it is better to ask whether the country is still included in this category, "he warned.

He estimated that "the key to finance for 2019 is still: fiscal solvency, reduced inflation and exchange rate stability".

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