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Mazza's husband ordered him to lose weight and he defended him


"I think it's very funny," said the model in defense of postpartum orders Alejandro Gravier, although he clarified that "he is not a tyrant"

Mazza's husband ordered him to lose weight and he defended him

Valeria Mazza: from a low profile in the eyes of a storm / Web

Valeria Mazza made a career far, far away, from scandal: a top model, never entered into vernacular chaos and always chose a low profile and distance to maintain elegance. Until now: in the past few weeks he has added a series of controversies to his statement, which tried to relativize on Saturday "PH We can talk."

First, Valeria talks about feminism and says that she thinks it's fantastic that women fight for their rights after years of inequality, but that "what I don't like is when women lose their femininity in this struggle. We don't have to occupy the same place as men because we are not equal. We come to the world for different things. "

To complete that, when he was killed on Twitter, a few days later, invited to the program by Mirtha Legrand, Mazza told about the demands made by her husband, Alejandro Gravier, after each of her four pregnancies and more controversy erupted. "Is it true that I showed you a picture from before and I said & # 39; you have to be thin again like this photo? & # 39;" The diva asked him. He answered firmly and, laughing, said: "Yes. Damn, damn it!"

The answer from tuitósfera was very jarring, the reason this weekend the former model left the decibel situation at "PH, We Can Speak" and defended Gravier after criticism received by their remarks: "I laughed" because it looked very good. I think it's funny. But after "Gravier Tyrant", it is not at all like that. "

"I really enjoyed my pregnancy. I got 20 kilos per pregnancy. I never got pregnant because I enjoyed it. Then I would work well and go back to work. That's why my children are three years old: it takes time to recover and get back to work. I really enjoyed it and he didn't demand anything from me, "he explained.

When asked by the driver, Andy Kusnetzoff, if he had postpartum depression, the model replied: "Yes, but it's bad. Five days after giving birth, I was at home with people and started crying and said:" This is a hormone, all right okay. "And people looked at me. Alejandro said:" It's over, nothing happened. "

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