Friday , October 22 2021

Maru Botana's message for her mother's death: "I never imagined this painful moment, Facu is waiting for you"


Maru Botana very sad about the tragic departure from his mother, Susana. In his honor, the popular cook shared his extensive videos and letters with Instagram followers as a farewell.

"I never imagined this painful moment and when I thought about it, sadness killed me. You are and will be my queen for the rest of my life, my friend, my colleague, my advisor. You make me free, strong, and independent. You love life, family, examples of mother and grandmother. I will miss you very much, your daily chat, your opinion, your love, mamita, "the driver wrote.

In addition, he revealed that Susana was in serious health problems: "2018 is playing with us and I think we will go together because we are always united, with the same tastes and the same passion. My mother, how much life has been lived together! Nice to meet you every day! My only entertainment is the love we give you! The love we give you! Together, your family, your friends. "

"I have certainty that Facu is waiting for you"Maru said, referring to his sixth child who died on September 21, 2008. He traveled and left the child in the care of his grandmother. The six-month-old baby left because of sudden death.

"My mother will love you all my life and you will always be with me, I just ask everyone that they give me so much love to pray that my mother will leave quietly," Botana added and thanked her program. Parents and children for the video they edited with the picture Susana.

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