Thursday , October 21 2021

Mariano Iudica broke the silence after criticism of Carla Conte


Mariano Iúdica remained in the eye of the storm after strong criticism from Denise Dumas. The driver revealed that he was alive an "ugly episode" with his colleague when they both worked at Ideas del Sur. The figure of Channel 9 said that her husband, Campi, "was almost nonsense … to find out the details of the conflict between them.

Within a few hours, Carla Conte also attacked the driver. "Almost no woman does not have a bad episode & # 39; with Mariano Iúdica. He is dedicated to that. And there are a lot of episodes & # 39; very short. Besis, "he wrote on his Twitter account.

In an interview with AM 1100, La Once Diez, the figure in the morning was asked about the words of Conte. "I said nothing. When someone is in the ring, someone is trapped"Iudica commented, and brushed aside the driver's statement Faced. "I made the decision not to enter into controversy, it wasn't my style, so I didn't do it," he added.

Regarding the facts reported by Dumas, the driver indicated that he did not misunderstand his colleague and remembered that the fight that should have been with Campi was a humorous tone. "The thing about Denise Dumas happened 10 years ago, it was very fun because with Campi we aired Showmatch and we discuss who is right on the record while Marcelo (Tinelli) is talking with one meter, "he said.

Tweet from Carla Conte after a radial note from Mariano Iúdica.
Tweet from Carla Conte after a radial note from Mariano Iúdica.

Carla Conte echoed Iudica's defense and launched a tweet that questioned her argument. "What's wonderful is that what is for Denise is" bad episode "for him is & # 39; something funny & # 39;" punishing the figure of Channel 9.

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