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María Eugenia Vidal answered the mayor of Mar del Plata: "I have never cared about a place to act"

After the episode, starring Mar del Plata mayor Carlos Arroyo, during the official opening of "The Happy" public beach, governor Maria Eugenia Vidal criticized her loudly and said: "I never cared about that place in one round".

The provincial president said that when the government presents work for neighbors, the only protagonists are those and not politicians. In this way, he refers to Arroyo's attitude, who decided to leave the event because he did not like being placed in the sun and behind the fence.

"I don't know very well what happened because when I arrived the mayor was gone. The truth is that I never cared much about the protocol or place that I had to occupy in an act," Vidal said in a conversation with FM Atlántida.

The episode, which took place on Friday, left an internal view on Cambiemos and strained relations with the head of the Mar del Plata community. According to that, Arroyo had no improvement in expressing her disapproval of the little protagonism they gave her from the government and when she left the place she stressed: "This is not a proper place for an intendant, you do what you want, I go."

The location intended for him by Provincial protocol personnel along with journalists and other officials. But his anger also increased when he saw that national representative Guillermo Montenegro, who aspired to the intentions of Mar del Plata, had been Vidal's only guest for the premiere tour of the public beach.

Consulting this issue, the governor was careful and avoided being involved in the 2019 electoral battle: "That there are more than one person who wants to be the mayor of this city seems valuable to change, and there are always steps to resolve it."

Finally, he said that he believed that people respect politicians for what they do and not for the place they occupy: "They value us for our commitment every day and evaluate us in every election for that."

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