María Eugenia Vidal and Mauricio Macri will determine the nominations in February – 29/12/2018


While 2,200 cars per hour were heading to the Atlantic Coast for New Year celebrations and the beginning of the holiday, the governor of Buenos Aires Province, Maria Eugenia Vidal, gave interviews where she avoided definitions of electoral techniques. We changed for the 2019 election. He announced that he would "where I can contribute" and slipped criticism of the mayor of Cambiemos Carlos Arroyo, who yesterday retreated before what they should share for the inauguration of the public beach in Mar del Plata.

"More than position, I care about work, dealing with people," María Eugenia Vidal told the radio program Back Cover, FM Atlántica Latina (93.3). He repeated it in February they will define, together with President Mauricio Macri, the election role. The Change Sector encourages elections in the Province, so Buenos Aires defines the government, as legislators, mayors, and council members, before the presidential election.

Within this framework, the bicameral commission from 18 legislators began work, which would evaluate the constitutionality of elections that were not held in the Province. It will meet on Thursday 3, at Villa Victoria in Mar del Plata. The commission is chaired by the Chamber of Deputy Provincial president, Manuel Mosca, from Cambiemos, and also consists of Senators Walter Lanaro, Dalton Jauregui, Aldana Ahumada and Emiliano Reparaz (Change); Teresa García and Gervasio Bozzano (Citizen Unit); and José Luis Pallares (Front Renovador). And the deputies of Daniel Ivoskus, Laura Aprile and Gabriela Besana (Let's change). Facundo Tignanelli (Citizens Unit), Ricardo Lissalde (Front Renovador); María Alejandra Martínez (Frente Amplio Justicialista); and Julio Pereyra (PJ Unit and Renewal).

This initiative was rejected by the Justicialist Provincial Party, but received support from Massismo and Cambiemos, who were the majority in the special commission. Mosca, as president of the working group, opened the game for former legislators as advisers. He called Fernando "Chino Navarro", Graciela Rego, Valeria Amendolara, Evangelina Ramirez, Marcelo Torres and Marcelo Diaz, former deputy Margarita Stolbizer. After all, the commission's opinion was not binding.

Controversy with Mayor Arroyo

In a radio interview in Mar del Plata, the governor also referred to a controversy about the withdrawal of Mayor Carlos Arroyo (Cambiemos) before the public beach presentation. "I don't know what happened because when I arrived the mayor was gone," Vidal slipped.

Mayor General Pueyrredón, Carlos Arroyo, retired before the act where then the governor of María Eugenia Vidal inaugurated public beaches (Fabián Gastiarena)

Mayor General Pueyrredón, Carlos Arroyo, retired before the act where then the governor of María Eugenia Vidal inaugurated public beaches (Fabián Gastiarena)

"The truth is that I never cared about the protocol or place that I had to occupy in one round. It seems to me that when we do these things the protagonists are Mar del Plata people, they are Argentine people who come to town, the protagonist is city. There are no politicians or officials, including me too, "said the provincial leader who owns tense relationship with the head of the communal Partido de General Pueyrredón, which is targeted by his management.

"So I'm sorry, I'm sorry, because it's an important event for people from Mar del Plata, for everyone … but well, there are people, who really matter, what matters, for whom we work every day and with whom I speak on the spot, "Vidal said.

After the departure of the mayor, who left half an hour before the governor arrived, the radicals also left. Like what happened, they Disturbed by the superiority of national representative Guillermo Montenegro, from PRO, which aims to become a candidate for mayor next year in the district. "I believe that people respect us for what we do, not because of the place we occupy in an action and where we stand or how our name is on the poster. He values ​​us for our commitment every day and evaluates us in every election for that, "Vidal answered.

"That there are more than one person who wants to be the mayor of this city, in my opinion it is valuable to change, and there are always steps to resolve differences. Meanwhile, what is important is what we do every day," concluded the governor.


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