Marcelo doesn't want to go up the scale, how many more pounds does he have?


Marcelo He got 7 kg, and because of shame, he refused to weigh himself on a scale. As reported José Ramón de la Morena in "El Transistor", "the Brazilian player has just shown that for this reason he is not in good shape".

Everything shows that Marcelo has experienced a bad streak in the last days because he suffered from overweight & # 39. Finally, we found out why he didn't play as he did last season, because a little white player activity on the field was not normal.

Bad form of Marcelo has become the protagonist in the media and in Real Madrid for more than a month. Marcelo knew that his body had changed and that was why until last Thursday, he did not want anyone to know the weight at this time.

But on the other side, Santiago Solari at the press conference praised him: "He is the most awarded party". We all know that Marcelo This is not one of the best sides at the moment, no matter how many coaches communicate that way.


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