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Marcela Tauro's thanks to Chinese tastes Suárez

The reporter remembers a variety of different love stories China Suárez. Marcela Tauro made unfiltered comments about the actress.

While Intruders talked about hacking Instagram accounts suffered by Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro, the debate began to turn to various love stories that began to become fictional and ended up holding in real life.

china suárez

It was there when Guido Zaffora recalled a very hot scene between China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña at El hilo rojo, a film where they met and who arranged a scandal to ride a motorbike with Pampita, the actor's partner at that time, happened.

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When he hears it, Marcela Tauro He launched a very sharp reflection on the actress: "Yes, because we discussed the problem and brought cloth to the sun, what a coincidence that China Suarez always likes men who are with other people?"

Marcela Tauro

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What Jorge Rial said: "Difficult." The reporter said: "It's difficult … but sorry, who is Nico Cabré when he met him? With Eugenia Tobal, who just lost her pregnancy. Mr. Vicuña with Pampita. I am not accusing but there are women and men who like people certain. "


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