Manchester City won and approached Liverpool


that Manchester City don't lose track on Liverpool, attentive if some fail Anfield's paintings. Does that have no other, persistent Pep Guardiola to focus on their responsibilities and not the responsibility of others. The premise applies to imposing on Huddersfield in a win that is comfortable but without brilliance.

Guardiola introduce news at eleven. But at least that alludes to quality, no need to question it in an English campaign, different if its performance is noticed. The Catalan gave entry to Otamendi, De Bruyne, Gndogan and Agero before Huddersfield, under the Premier and with Hudson as the new tenant bench after the termination of Wagner who was remembered and applauded for long-time fans.

Two months without a win and ten points of safety caused the situation to be untenable, forcing the club to make a drastic decision with the coach leading to Huddersfield to lite. The blanquiazul set is similar to other opportunities against the big, lying, aware of their own limitations, focusing on defense, supporting coverage but only damaging in attack, their presence witnessed by the scarcity of brave soccer players.

Al City he doesn't need to step on the gas pedal to make a difference. He took the lead after an invisible maximum penalty, lucky in the following action with unintentional deviation from Schindler to a shot from Danilo (17). But 0-1 does not function to cover the gray day of the team Guardiola, sitting on a bench, with a serious face.

However, the meeting would make Huddersfield far more willing than capable. Tip loss City, San and Sterling woke up in the second round. The English language that culminated with the head of the drama that was supposed to have been canceled by San, was difficult for the human eye in the Premier waiting for the landing VAR for the following season (53). With 0-2, City won on the track, almost visible for that sentence.

It didn't take long to close the surprise Manchester. The loss was at the Huddersfield exit provoking 0-3. Danilo, at the first touch, found Kun Agero and the Argentine striker leaving San in a special situation, which he defined just before the goalkeeper's departure (56).

Two flash generate sets Pep to win at home in a secret match where DT finally gives a break to important pieces like Fernandinho, San and Gndogan facing the final leg of the season where City He continued to row to pursue Liverpool.


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