Saturday , October 23 2021

Luis Miguel was not well received in Mexico: ridicule and criticize


Luis Miguel will come to Argentina and the show has sold out. But not all audiences expect it in the same way.

This week, Raja Matahari was ridiculed in his recital at the National Auditorium in Mexico City and also received scathing criticism.

According to the press, the artist took 45 minutes to get on stage and, despite the fact that the public accepted him with love, the dispute was sharpened by the "mariachi" block.

Luis Miguel

There, Luis Miguel was late in entering a number of songs, he looked like he was easily offended and even fought with the musicians who accompanied him. As if that wasn't enough, on one occasion, the singer appeared in front of the audience with the closing of his low pants. And as a final touch he threw the microphone.

"Half absent from the concert, and a follow-up song, someone to help him and make him undergo rehabilitation," said one of his fans. "Fly open at the start, get drunk, I don't know what song starts singing, throws the microphone twice," wrote another.

Luis Miguel was ridiculed

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