Lucas Belbruno made an interesting version of Aleluya at La Voz Argentina


Although the community must determine whether Lucas Belbruno continue "La Voz Argentina", this singer surprised everyone on the broadcast last night from the program that brought Marley with a very interesting version Hallelujah

Belbruno he is blind and is one of the special voices of this program. However, in the previous stage, Axel he didn't choose it but Soledad Pastorutti He saved him and took him to his team.

Now, The sole He gave priority to two other singers, Sofía Morales and Darío Lazarte. Therefore, Belbruno must obey what the public says.

However, the version makes everyone happy and the faces of the judges are more fluent: Solitude He shows himself with tears, Tini I can't believe that and Montaner Claimed reprimand.

Of course Axel He must have been a little sorry for the decision he made a few weeks ago because he didn't stop praising his former team members.


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