Look at Mirtha Legrand's guest list!


Weekends are synonymous with Mirtha Legrand, the Argentine figure is one of the stars who say Saturday and Sunday on the small screen. He defended the interests of Thirteen, who supported Chiqui's proposal. In this case, the program "La Noche de Mirtha" and "Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand" will have a new round on Argentine television and viewers will be able to enjoy the hostile questions from the host to his guests.

Mirtha started 2019 in Mar del Plata and opened the 51st season on television. For tonight, he has prepared dinner with the most famous figures this week: Ingrid Grudke, Gerardo Morales, Deborah Plager, Health Secretary Adolfo Rubinstein and singer Néstor Fabián, are guests who will receive divas at Costa Galana luxury hotels.

But not only that, Legrand did not rest and will return on Sunday, starting at 13, with his proposal "Lunch with Mirtha Legrand" and the special thing on January 20 is: Raúl Lavié, Florencia de la V, Federico Bal, Sol Pérez, Matías Alé and Hernán Lombardi. The table will be unforgettable, because your guests will ask rude questions from the lunch star, who will take the opportunity to gather information about the latest news from the show.

Keep in mind that Mirtha's strategic table will be oriented towards the latest media conflicts and the two main protagonists of the event are: Federico and Florencia, who are involved in crossing with other celebrities. In this case, the controversial separation from the director of "Again together" was revived and on the host side "Flor de Trade", he received harsh words from Diego Maradona and a cross caused an unexpected stir.

Undoubtedly, two Mirtha Legrand bets will be very attractive and will return to a new television battle with its main rival, Telefe, who will try to double the bets and fight for first place in the main time slot. Apart from the intense war for rankings, the only one who decided, was the audience.


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