Lionel Messi, criticism of his eldest son, his big wish for 2019 and ten other penalties – 12/27/2018


Lionel Messi is far from obsessive about his privacy. Be aware that thousands of dissatisfied people only see it in the playground, usually open on social networks. There, he had no problem sharing pictures of his children, his wife and even his pets. But he also did it in front of the microphone, as in the interview he gave to the Spanish newspaper Marca. There, besides talking about his rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo, the possibility of Neymar's return to Barcelona and his desire to be directed again by Pep Guardiola, revealed the details of Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, their children. And much more.

Lionel Messi, Antonela Roccuzzo, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro and beautiful Christmas cards.

Lionel Messi, Antonela Roccuzzo, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro and beautiful Christmas cards.

Relaxed, eager to speak, Leo touched on all the topics he asked. And it was there that he confessed that he no longer left that at his house did not talk about football when Barsa lost. "That was before, now it's not like that, it's always difficult to digest defeat and bad results, but Thiago obliged me to comment on what happened in the match and explain why it wasn't won, now we talk more," he said.

Lionel Messi and Antonela, are on vacation in Rosario.

Lionel Messi and Antonela, are on vacation in Rosario.

And that's true: even though he was only six years old (he was born on November 2, 2012), Thiago became one of his father's biggest critics. And Mateo is on his way. "Both are very fond of football, Thiago understands more because he is older, he talks about things about games, games, everything he sees and happens, he is involved in the game," he said.

And when asked if he sued with him, he did not hesitate: "Yes, yes … I have received some criticism, ha, follow Barcelona, ​​League, Champion … He likes, asks, informs himself and when there is no very good results, something tells me, "Leo said.

With Thiago, Mateo and Ciro there is no doubt that the hopes of having an heir are enormous. But Messi is not desperate. Besides that, I won't have a problem because they are dedicated to something else. Their biggest desire is for them to be "happy". And with 2019 knocking on the door, he also told us what he wanted. "After I have my children, priority is always family, that's the most important, the important thing is, obviously I like football, I like it and I live for it, but family above all", he began. He added: "Ciro just started to stand up. For Antonela and me, we want to have a baby. We'll see later, it's still morning. "

Messi in ten sentences

  • "Mateo is more to my wife, Thiago, on the other hand, is more to me, she is more closed and shy, Mateo has more character, she prefers music and dancing, like her mother".
  • "As long as we can spend Christmas in Argentina, it is a special and beautiful date: we all gather, weather, parties … They are different days and with more boys, with them Santa Claus is much more enjoyed and the theme of gifts . "
  • "I don't need change. I am in Barcelona, ​​the best team in the world. My challenge is updated year after year. I don't need to change teams or leagues to set new goals. I am at my home, at the best club in the world and I don't need to change. "
  • "At the start of the season, I have said that Real Madrid is a great club, one of the best in the world, and with many players, but Cristiano will be absent from any team he has ever entered and left."
  • "With Cristiano we have very healthy competition, where we both want to improve ourselves every day to give our best. And I think it's also good for viewers. "
  • "Every year there is a motivation to win the Champions League, this is a unique, special, most beautiful thing that I have to play at club level, a completely different competition that we all want to win".
  • "I don't see PSG too much because we played on the same day, I know the players I have because I am still in the French League, although different, Juventus is a very strong team, it was there before and with Cristiano coming much more . City is a very colorful team, who plays football very well, with high-quality players. Bayern have risen again. It's very difficult to say, that's why this competition is so beautiful. "
  • "I know that this season I have no chance of winning the Golden Ball. I listened to the names that were shaken and I knew I would not be there. From here, I did not wait whether I was third, fourth or fifth. In this case I not surprised, because I didn't expect anything. "
  • "I think it will be difficult for Neymar to come back, we will like it to go back for what he meant, both as players and for the dressing room, we are friends, we go through very pleasant things, sometimes not too much, but we spent a lot of time together. PSG let Neymar be removed. "
  • "At first I was reluctant to use VAR, the truth is I didn't see it, but today I think it's a very good thing for League and football, has received a spectacular reception, both for fans and players." .


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