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Leon's background will be slightly different in remaking Resident Evil 2

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The mechanics and perspective of the game will not be the only thing that is different in remaking the game Resident Evil 2 about the original game. Along with this there will also be some changes in the history of the game, especially in the background Leon S. Kennedy, one of the protagonists of the title.

Recently, Japan's official account for the game on Twitter published a Tweet where he described history Leon before the title event. Namely, the message determines the following:

"Starter officer Leon S. Kennedy was assigned to Raccoon City. Before heading to his assignment, Kennedy was at home waiting for his first order. After no one contacted him and felt something was wrong, Leon went to the station. A few days later, after arriving in town , his life changed. "

In the original context of the game (or at least in official guidelines), it was determined Leon He was late for his first day as an officer Raccoon City after he fell asleep after getting drunk broke up with his girlfriend. Although the new background hasn't changed the slightest where the title will begin, it's surprising that for the remake they decided to change the cause after the delay Leon for the more conscious, serious and without reference to alcohol.

Without a doubt this is a strange detail, we don't hesitate, it will disturb good fans Leon who felt that this made him a more humane and charming character.

Resident Evil 2 Remake will go on sale on January 25 at PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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