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Julio Piumato was chained to the police station

Justice in the CABA? If you are a narco or a corrupt pimp, they ask you documents if you are an ordinary citizen, they imprison you!

With the tweet the head of the Justice Employee Union started his claim at a commissioner located around Flores. The reason is the arrest of a lawyer who works in the City Public Prosecutor's Office.

The woman, named Vanesa Maida Bertelegni, was arrested yesterday after participating in discussions with a motorist in the Villa Devoto neighborhood.

Vanesa Maida Bertelegni, to the left of Julio Piumato

According to the allegations put forward by Piumato, the arrest occurred after a driver blocked the road Bertelegni wanted to use to move his mother, who was in a wheelchair.

After the arrest of his colleague, the union leader said that "he will remain chained at the door of the police station until his release is immediately ordered".

Asked about Bertelegni's situation, he stated that "it was not true, first because of the situation of deprivation of liberty, compounded because his mother was a disabled woman alone in her house."

"If a court clerk in Justice of the City does a lot of nonsense, think about what can happen to ordinary citizens," the union said.

When asked about the chain's reasons, Julio said that it served to "make the situation visible, which should be the most absolute impunity." Thanks to this last night a group of lawyers came and criticized him for the misuse of authority (prosecutor) Maragliano who accepted the cause) ".

Finally, keep in mind that today, the guild that heads Piumato started a general strike for 48 hours without approval in claiming compliance with the salary schedule agreed with the Government.

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