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John Deere, ordained as "the best producer"


John Deere, the company that connects machinery, people, technology, and intelligence with every solution it offers, received last night the La Nacin-Banco Galicia Award for Agricultural Excellence in the "Best Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer" category, a difference that crowned 60 years of manufacturing and investment unbroken in this country.

John Deere invests $ 4 million a day globally in Research and Development, which results in increased productivity, lower costs, operational efficiency and better management for customers. In the current era of Big Data and Internet of Things, companies have been innovating in software and remote communication integrated into their teams, with data management in cloud and telemetry and precision operations.

"Receiving this recognition is very satisfying for John Deere, the company that has produced uninterrupted production in Argentina for 60 years and has always accompanied the Argentine field, confident of its potential", Gastn Trajtenberg, president of John Deere Argentina.

"In the past few years, and in this regard in particular, John Deere has significantly reaffirmed his commitment to the national industry with new production lines, factory expansion, opening of Spare Parts Distribution Centers, training centers and It is a source of pride and responsibility to be appreciated for that. From John Deere we continue to work with Argentine producers, with great hopes in the future of the field in our country, "added Trajtenberg.

John Deere began production in Argentina in 1958 when he inaugurated his engine factory in Baigorria Grenadier. However, the solid history that united the company with the state returned to 1894 when the first agricultural machinery was commercialized. At present, John Deere has machinery plants, tractors and harvesters, Parts Distribution Centers, Training Centers and more than 820 direct employees. In addition, he works with an extensive network of 26 dealers in more than 90 sales points throughout the country.

In Argentina, the company's long-term vision is expressed in its maximum potential during 2018, with company announcements and commercial launches aimed at offering a complete and increasingly efficient solution for Argentine producers and contractors.

John Deere Milestones in 2018

Machinery In the framework of the 60th anniversary, this company stands out for investment and new technology, for the benefit of Argentine farmers. This started the year by celebrating a new milestone: the production of 300,000 number machines.

Models produced at Granadero Baigorria range from 2.9 liters (3 cil); 4.5 liters (4 cil); 6.8 and 9 liters (6 cylinders), which includes a power range between 44 hp and 365 hp. They are used in tractors, harvesters, construction equipment and also for electricity generation and irrigation. This machine meets the environmental emission requirements demanded by customers in Brazil, which means a very important challenge that can be overcome by the company.

John Deere products introduce the new 5E Series tractors with optional original cabins, specifically designed to provide greater safety and comfort for all operations. The new 5082E, 5090E and 5090EH, now with cabins, are ideal for cattle work and spraying.

These new models offer an increase in front loader visibility, because they have a sunroof and panoramic vision. They have a joystick and VCS meaning, facilitate connection and use of tools. In the 5090EH model – ideal for fumigation tasks – cabins with activated carbon filters provide greater protection for operators in spraying tasks. The models that make up this series are also economical, because of their low fuel consumption; and strong for simplicity and resistance to all types of terrain.

In the year when the company celebrated 60 years of uninterrupted manufacturing in Argentina, announced the nationalization of the Series 7J tractors, reaffirming its commitment to the industry and rural Argentina.

The 7J series was developed to provide excellent performance in the field, to meet the demands of highly productive and efficient agriculture. This tractor track, ideal for planting, is equipped with JDLink technology and an automated pilot system, which seeks to meet the increasing needs of Argentine producers. The new series of tractors consists of three models, 200, 215 and 230 hp. Through nationalization of the 7J Series, John Deere covers a segment that runs from 45 hp to 230 hp with equipment from the Argentine industry.

Regarding harvesters, the national S Series industry consumes 17% less fuel per hectare, making it possible to harvest between 2 to 4 hectares more per day and for efficiency it requires 55% less adjustment time.

In Argentina, John Deere produced:

Diesel engines of 3, 4 and 6 cylinders, from 44 to 365 hp of power.


– Series 5E. Models 5045D, 5045E, 5065E, 5075E, 5076EF, 5082E, 5090E.

– Series 6J. Models 6115J, 6135J, 6150J, 6170J, 6190J and 6210J.

– Series 7J. Models 7200J, 7215J and 7230J.

S series harvesters, S550, S660, S670 and S680 models.

Platform: 2 product families, a total of 5 models:

– Flexible cutting platform with belt or canvas (FlexDraper)

– Flexible cutting platform with synfn tube (FlexAuger)

Innovation John Deere launched an Operations Center, innovative solutions for data management and better decisions. This is an online platform that allows producers and contractors to view, analyze, archive, and share large amounts of agronomic information and equipment, providing data in a simple format to access both from a computer and from a mobile or tablet.

With remote access to the monitor, it is possible to detect machines that perform better in the field and replicate their configuration to all equipment. Another important benefit is the possibility of facilitating proactive support from dealer specialists, who can remind about possible inconveniences and guide operators for quick solutions.

Innovation and productive efficiency. The Ultimaker 3 printer arrived at John Deere in February and made it possible to make very simple pieces whose geometric complexity would require multiple machining processes, optimizing time and resources in making tools, devices and prototypes.

With 3D printing, the process by which 3D files are converted into physical objects, many restrictions are removed in the design stage for both prototypes and final pieces. After the training received by the Manufacturing Engineering team and two weeks of testing, the printer is currently printing almost 100% of the time, especially the prototype.

Every part produced using a 3D printer involves time savings related to management, orders and shipping with suppliers. Through 3D printing it is possible to have one piece of day for another when the supplier will need about 10 days to produce and deliver. In addition, the cost of printing supplies can be neglected compared to the cost of making the same parts as traditional methods.

Some of John Deere's DNA is related to the application of technology and new innovations that are fast to create and maintain competitive advantage. Designing and making a new assembly device is one of the competencies of the Manufacturing Department. 3D printing is a new technology that resolves roughly the many complications associated with making new device prototypes.

New investments and markets. John Deere signed a definitive acquisition agreement King Agro, a private company that manufactures carbon fiber technology products, headquartered in Valencia, Spain, and its production facilities in Campana, Argentina. This transaction gives John Deere customers the possibility to get further benefits from the knowledge, design and unique experience of King Agro in carbon fiber technology.

John Deere also signed a definitive agreement for the acquisition of PLA, a private company that manufactures sprayers, nurseries and special products for agriculture. The PLA is located in Argentina, with production facilities at Las Rosas, Argentina, and Canoas, Brazil. The acquisition of PLA strengthens John Deere's commitment with its customers because John Deere continues to provide innovative and profitable equipment, technology and services to increase the productivity of its customers.

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