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Ivana Icardi, very hard with Wanda Nara for family internships

Ivana, who lives with a former GH partner, Luifa GalesioHe said that because of Wanda five years ago, the player didn't have a smooth relationship with his parents and he didn't even call them for Christmas.

"How bad it is for a mother or father, who strives to raise them well and try to give everything to them, don't consider it, greet, call at this time (or this year) but then I think & # 39; Tell me who you are and I will tell you who you are & # 39; and that happened to me ", starts.



Far from believing in the love that unites them, Ivana made it clear that her sister-in-law was only interested in material.

"When you know the reason (The only one who cares about & # 39; this, I mean $$$) You realize that while one has responsibility, the other has filtered his head … because thieves believe they are all their condition ", he launched.


Then he followed Wanda's representative in Icardi during the signing of the millionaire contract: "The only thing he did well in life was to find one who placed $ and then became a businessman. I watched it play since I had diapers and he was from another world. But hey, there are people who need to take services to improve their egos. "

He added: "Maybe, if today I am with a good woman, with a good heart, everything will be different, in my family they are calm and humble people."

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