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it's better before the 2018 model

According to an expert in the field of technology, it seems easier to store a cellphone as much as possible, instead of switching to a newer model. Find out on this note why.

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Dave Smith, technology analyst from Business Insider analyze the relationship between prices smartphone launched after 2010 with respect to performance and design, and reached a conclusion that would surprise you

According to Dave Smith, so that changing your old cellphone to the model of recent years makes sense, long time ago smartphone it must be "very old and has software problems". If not, the expert will keep your old cellphone "as long as you can",

The first of his arguments is that cellphone They are more expensive than before. While it's true that they're also the best so far, 2018 devices don't always justify their prices according to Smith.

"Apple, as usual, marked the trend last year when he presented iPhone X, a redesigned smartphone with a high price of USD 999, "recalled Smith." The previous year, the base price was from iPhone Latest company iPhone 7, that's USD 649. "Seeing this, other cellphone manufacturers quickly joined the idea of ​​raising prices. Most cellphones cost more than 700 USD.

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For this reason, that is what happened Dave Smith recommend staying together cellular that you have as long as you can. "The good news of this high price is today smartphone They are so good and strong that they have to last a long time, "said the specialist. In fact, cellphones from the last two years are still in a very good condition. Cellular processors are so powerful that even in 2016 they can do all smartphone this time

Many people update their models cellular because he felt signs of damage. Smith recommends in that case, replace the battery. "Sometimes doing it can make a slow-performing mobile feel like new."

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Experts show that at this time smartphone They are more expensive, but their repairs do not justify their prices. Staying with models for the past few years, and finally replacing batteries, it's better to save money and renew your phone when you really need it.

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