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It was found that the man who shot bowling was killed by one of the owners of the place

On Christmas morning, a 46-year-old man died after the shooting at the bowling door in Mar del Plata which had been thrown a while before.

The first version is confusing. Mariano César Urtiaga He was at the Christmas celebration on the disco "Disco Disco", from where he was then expelled by security officers after arguing with two women at the bar and "fingering" a girl, according to eyewitnesses.

Uritaga was then confused by his car and a few minutes later he returned with a gun. From vehicle shots 6 or 7 shots are embedded in the front wall of the place. Then he drove and fled but crashed into the traffic lights at the corner of Juan B. Justo and Independencia, 70 meters from the bowling alley.

When police and ambulance were present for a traffic accident, Urtiaga, with his Peugeot 308, was in a serious condition, so he was quickly transferred to the Interzon hospital in Mar del Plata and died a few minutes later. The doctors later reported that the man's body, which was affiliated with the Uocra construction guild, I have a bullet hole.

In their vehicle, experts found a 22-caliber Bersa Thunder gun with pods and, after the discovery, the police learned that before the collision there was a shooting at the bowling alley for more than 30 of the same blocks.

In the afternoon, the owner's son, a 38-year-old man was identified as Sebastián Sosa Malde, he surrendered in the police station accompanied by a lawyer, He claimed to be the author of a shot and was arrested in Criminal Unit No. 44 from Batán.

There, his father handed a 9 millimeter Glock gun and legitimate user credentials. The man, Uruguayan, said that He shot twice: one hit a car and the other killed the driver.

Sosa Malde is presented in his profile on social networks LinkedIn as "shooting instructor (ITB), dynamic shooting and Israeli tactical shooting" and claims to have been a "guardian of values ​​and VIP escort" for a private security company in Mar del Plata since 2009.

"When this person returned, Sebastian asked his father to bring him pepper spray, but when he saw that he was armed, he asked for his weapon, which was stored. He could not close the door, because the attacker shot. The witness was willing to testify," he told the newspaper Clarin a close friend of the detainee's family, who pointed out that it was a case of "legitimate defense".

The shooting sequence was captured by three city security cameras, in addition to those in front of the nightclub and the images are being analyzed by the public prosecutor's office, in charge of Juan Pablo Lódola, in causes that changed from "murder by mistake" to "murder". In the next few hours, Sosa Malde will be called to give testimony.

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