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"It is normal to release the ankle," said the judge who gave domicile to Conzi

Horacio Conzi, the murderer of Marcos Schenone, was sentenced to 24 years 9 months in prison. Because of arrhythmia disorders observed by doctors at the Penitentiary, the Judge gave him house arrest. But in the last days controversy arose even more serious: it is known that the entrepreneur tore the electronic bracelet because it was "tight". The judge who benefits him argues TN that is the situation "It happens every day."

In dialogue with TN Central, Judge Victoria García Maañón said that sometimes "tools can fail" which monitor the movements in detention houses in the same conditions as Conzi. "That the bracelet came out, broken or jammed every day. Not only are they sometimes addicted because it is a device, but sometimes it loses signals like a cellphone. If the address is very large it can fail for two or three minutes, "he said.

The judge, too, explained that if the Judge verified that the employer removed the bracelet and left his house without any justification regarding his health problems, I can immediately return to prison.

Hugo, Horacio's brother, defended him. "It's all a misunderstanding"He says TN about publications on Facebook as opposed to the reason he could return home when he still had to serve 8 years and 7 months in prison. In his defense, he stated that he "refers to veganism", a habit that he put in prison and that had a good impact on his health.

However, he understood that the post was interpreted as "a violation of the family (Schenone)" and he stated that for that reason he urged his brother to close his profile to the public. In addition, he clarified that Horacio was in care for his illness and that he slept "most of the day because the pill he was taking was strong."

Regarding how and why the device was removed, he explained: "We loosen the ankles with a dryer because I can't walk. " In addition, he said that he had also increased pressure.

Posts that are condemned on social networks. (Source: TN).
Posts that are condemned on social networks. (Source: TN).

Marcos Schenone killed on January 16, 2003 when I traveled in a remise with a friend and two girls, after going to eat at a Dallas restaurant, in the northern suburbs. Conzi was very angry when one of the girls refused to have a relationship with him. This unleashed the madness of businessmen, who, when they left the place, chased them in their trucks on Libertador Avenue until, at the top of the San Isidro cathedral, he fired 14 bullets: three of the bullets hit the victim behind.

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