Is Luciano Castro worried about the division of property with Sabrina Rojas?


Without doubt, Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas they had an unusual summer where they shared their days in Mar del Plata with their children Faust and Hope, but where they transit partner's farewell.

And meanwhile it's still not very clear if separation in the end, artists have begun evaluating the possibility of distributing goods. In that sense, and as reported Pavada of the Crónica newspaper, the lover was worried because he made a lot of investment in property (he never had a representative), and he knew the cost of releasing it from real estate.

Keep in mind that Luciano and Sabrina they were married by civilians in 2016, but they have been partners since 2010. Now, when they decide how they will continue their days, the actress is still in a house in a closed neighborhood of Mar del Plata, while Castro comes and goes. Will the war happen?


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