Is it better to have lots of cholesterol & # 39; good & # 39 ;? |


Cholesterol interferes with the formation of bile acids, responsible for digestion of fat, making it an important substance for the body. This also allows the formation of hormones. However, when cholesterol levels are too high, they endanger our health, especially cardiovascular health.

On the one hand there is what is known as "good" cholesterol (HDL), which is eliminated in the liver, and on the other hand is "bad" (LDL), which if found at high levels, leads to accumulation of arteries increasing the risk of coronary heart disease.

Until now, the general belief was that high levels of HDL avoided the risk of coronary heart disease. But new research shows that having HDL levels that are too high (above 60 mg / dL) is not good for our health.

A recent study, published in the European Heart Journal and reproduced by Quo, ensures that very high HDL cholesterol levels can increase the risk of infectious diseases, such as gastroenteritis or pneumonia.

That is why it highlights the need to advance in the investigation of "good" cholesterol, not only in relation to the risk of heart disease (to date general tonics), but also in other pathologies such as infectious diseases.


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