Saturday , October 16 2021

Infection experts responded to Gisela Barreto: "Their anti-vaccine comments are harmful to people's health"

Such unusual and baseless expressions like "vaccines are part of extermination", Is part of the argument that is easily refuted from the anti-vaccine movement. References in this sector, Gisela Barretohe said recently before TV cameras that vaccines were "part of our death" and to some "toxic" like that HPV.

Strong resistance provoked these comments among Argentine infectologists.

To respond to this type of affirmation, CONVINCE interviewed infectious disease doctors and members of the Scientific Council of the American Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Roberto Debbag, (MN 60253).

"In the world there are some people who think that vaccines produce detrimental effects and that they are ineffective. Currently, they are documented and verified after drinking water, vaccines are the most effective measure for providing health to humans, and far behind came antibiotics, "began the expert.

He added: "This is also known from scientific studies, and especially from the last decade, that vaccines have proven to be not only effective, but they reduce mortality and morbidity of the disease, such as human papilloma virus, hepatitis B, cancer, etc. Scientific evidence is very strong in this regard. "

Former actress and television host Gisela Barreta when proclaiming the anti-vaccine movement.
Former actress and television host Gisela Barreta when proclaiming the anti-vaccine movement.

The Lancet "vaccine-autism" episode

Debbag recalled: "There are episodes that are well remembered in the scientific community where British researchers Andrew Wakefield published several years ago an alleged study in a scientific journal The Lancet announced that the triple viral vaccine was associated with the onset of autism. It was found that it was a whole operation, which was owned by a doctor forged data, and publications must delete the work and apologize. Today, Wakefield is being sued in England. "

Regarding irresponsibility anti-vaccine group, specialists say: "Vaccines like HPV show that they reduce the chances of getting cancer, actually that's true cannot be maintained what these movements are and people like Barreto say. They are far from all scientific evidence"

And he launched: "This person's comments are harmful to public health. They are harmful to the health of the entire population. If someone listens to you and doesn't vaccinate your child and the child grows up with cancer, it's terrible, they are an extraordinary problem nowadays ".

"It is very important to respect the vaccination schedule. We already have enough problems to reach everyone and all vaccines announced in the national vaccination campaign are implemented. For example, in the first month of the anti-measles campaign, between 75% and 80% of expected children should vaccinated, but only 50% are vaccinated. We already have enough health problems like this because we don't do things properly as a community, so the people who communicate are coming, who really hurt everyone"


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