Independiente won 2-0 in Gymnastics in their first friendly match of the year


Independent starts the year the best way. Despite the controversy that arose after the strange departure of Emmanuel Gigliotti and without Maximiliano Meza, the Red, in his first friendly match of the year, beat 2-0 to Gymnastics in Mar del Plata and made his people excited. While waiting for the arrival of your reinforcements, take a good step face official competition.

The people of Holan won well. The team did a good job. Far from the sadness that the team usually has at this time of year, Avellaneda has positive moments, precise football, and they are fast. They are not full, that is true, but there is a good spark which allowed him to defeat Wolf without difficulty.

Martín Benítez and Ezequiel Cerutti are party leaders. Both, with goals at all times, are responsible for Merah approve firmly the first test of the year.

Gymnastics, for all of this, is a lackluster, warm, holiday team. He showed very little compared to last week's victory against Racing. Pedro Troglio was not satisfied with the performance of his team, but he also knew that the intensity of preseason impact fully in the normal operation of the equipment.

"We are doing a good preseason. An important year is coming. We have a campus very good and the competition between players is healthy: those who enter to play are able to do it well, "Cerutti said after the party.


Mandiri: Martín Campaña; Fabricio Bustos, Alan Franco, Emanuel Britez, Gaston Silva; Fernando Gaibor, Nicolás Domingo, Pablo Hernández; Ezequiel Cerutti, Martín Benítez and Braian Romero. DT: Ariel Holan.

Gymnastics (La Plata): Alexis Martín Arias; Víctor Ayala, Manuel Guanini, Germán Guiffrey, Lucas Licht; Lorenzo Faravelli, Franco Mussis, Alexi Gómez; Maximiliano Comba, Santiago Silva and Horacio Tijanovich. DT: Pedro Troglio.

Aim: 38m from the first round Martín Benitez (I) and 19m from the second round Ezequiel Cerutti (I)

Change: Francisco Pizzini by Gaibor (I); Mauro Molina by Braian Romero (I); Kevin Gutiérrez by Alexi Gómez (G); Lautaro Chávez by Tijanovich (G); Juan Sánchez Miño by Gastón Silva (I); Facundo Oreja by Comba (G); Gianluca Simeone by Faravelli (G) and Gonzalo Verón by Benítez (I).

Be warned: Gastón Silva, Bustos (I) Comba, Ayala, Oreja (G).

Stadium: José María Minella (Mar del Plata)

Referee: Ariel Penel


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