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In order for River and Boca to play in Madrid, Grondona must be killed: he will never allow it

This note is about "hypothesis" (presumption). And in many points its development will be found the value of "thesis" (theoretical opinion supported by reasoning).

Yes Julio Grondona not dead, the initial knot of this madness is the relationship between Mouth and River That will be avoided. Let's look at three premises:

1 °) Unconvincing meeting May 14, 2015 will not go to Conmebol's desk because the AFA president – from where he was and in any way – would order referee Darío Herrera and recommend to the second president of the club that the second time – frustrated by "pepper spray" and consequently from 0 to 0- must be completed yes or yes that night or in the following hours it is still "behind closed doors", but to finish it in the field;

2) I will ask the person responsible for the security of the event and the Conmebol Officer to evict from the Bombonera playing field who are not party actors and especially those who are related to other interests such as Alejandro Burzaco – at that time the CEO of the Tournament – Grondona knows better than anyone that Burzaco is a "river leader in the shadows" and often has to stop his desires,

3 °) Will negotiate with the two presidents (Daniel Angelici and Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio) by telephone, via "Skype" or through a video call to ask them to continue playing once the affected River players recover in one slogan: "Don't do what live or want to take advantage, points are obtained in court. "

This premise would save the political costs that Daniel Angelici was responsible for by Conmebol before the "Boca world" (under the presidency of Juan Angel Napout) to give the game won to River in a short time, without the right to defense or evidence.

The decision resulted in a greater distance in this pathetic institutional confrontation between Boca and River.

Worse Daniel Angelici's political reaction was to design the club's South American League which was presented on July 19, 2016 with 31 entities now, Independiente and San Lorenzo defected) willing to cut ties with Conmebol – it has been chaired since 26 January 2016 – by Alejandro Domínguez.

For example, only one of the dozens who supported the AFA's action point, was what happened between Hurricane de Corrientes and River Plate on November 13, 1996. At that time Hurricane and River were tied 1-1 and at that time Correntinos marked his second goal (Sorin fight), an object hurt River Plate goalkeeper Roberto Bonano on his head. Referee Javier Castrilli ratified the goal, but Bonano could not continue because of the physical inferiority of the manifest and the match was suspended without a match continued from the middle of the field.

That season, River, led by Ramón Diaz won, went to Tokyo, played with Juventus in the Intercontinental Cup final (0-1) and the return of the AFA Discipline Court, a world paradigm for the meaning, content and quality of its regulations, forcing him to play a second time. It happened 38 days after the unfortunate event – December 21, 1996 with the rest season and all campuses were on vacation – and remained 1-1.

By distorting the first episode, namely in 2015, the following events related to the last "Copa Libertadores" will result in useless transit. However, the hypothesis game forced him and therefore we must continue to imagine what the AFA president would do at that time. Let's see:

a) – Grondona will not allow the Copa Libertadores 2018 draw day (December 20, 2017 in Asunción) matches that will allow the final between the two AFA teams; His position is always the two Argentine teams that have passed the most in the semifinals. He used to say that "the final between us will always bring trouble …". I am not wrong.

b) – He will oppose VAR. It said "Technology in football is like a revolver, a lot of devils …".

c) – He will accompany the president of the club participating in the draw with a shipment from the General Manager regarding the availability of dates that will not try to fight the dispute of the Official AFA Tournament and recommendations from the Director of the Law Department – which he is a professor, a teacher, from very large experience and a great reputation as Dr. Mario Schmoisman – with observations on the Cup Regulations.

d.) – Article 18 Cup Regulation, which regulates "third country" in cases of extreme contingency, will hardly be known by AFA officials or advisers. This point is promulgated for cases of natural disasters, emerging social conditions or political situations that do not guarantee civil guarantees. But they did not refer to a situation like what happened on the River.

e.) – Be warned that Grondona at the request of a prestigious lawyer, expert manager (fortunately) and a possible regulator, will ask for a priori specifications at that point. Who will say and who will receive headquarters in Europe or Asia for the final of the "Libertadores de America" ​​Cup? There is no

The amount of this absurdity, which could have been predicted under the supervision of experienced leaders, is only part of the unacceptable nonsense remaining A cup full of irregularities. And that's why he should have declared himself quiet.

Players with improper qualifications (Bruno Zuculini, from River), among others, along with others who were disabled unfairly (Carlos Sánchez, from Santos). Also an unusual decision from the Unipersonal Discipline Unit (Amarilis Belisario) for Dedé's death case (Cruzeiro). The Brazilian defender was sanctioned by referee Eber Aquino with a red card after breaking the jaw for Esteban Andrada (September 19 in Boca) and illegally qualifying for the rematch in Belo Horizonte.

Facing such a scandal, Don Julio would not be a passive observer. In no case, but especially in two of them: in one of Anderson Vital Da Silva (Dede), since a striking violation of FIFA's own rules, which stipulates that when a player is issued must meet at least one suspension date because "the referee's decision is final (unmodified) ", and in police pursuit and defamation of the Gallardo in the River dressing room while he fulfills the excessive penalties imposed by hired courts and therefore depends.

Going forward in a hypothesis without more sustenance than perceived and already in front of the facts of the Boca-River finalist, these are things that Grondona will not allow:

1.- Will not admit that Boca and River play on Saturday 10 and November 24 2018, as announced on November 1, 2018 in Asuncion. Days are destined for "sacred" AFA matches because Grondona, Boca and River must play on Wednesday 14 and 28 November, because there is a FIFA date in the middle week.

2.- On the 10th of Saturday, when he saw rain from his window, he would order to stop the game before 11 am to avoid the crowds arriving at La Boca in vain.

3.- The first meeting will not be played on Sunday, November 11, from that day on they will play Independiente-Belgrano at 1:00 a.m.; Banfield-Lanus at 15, and Gymnastics Race at 7:00 the night of the AFA at that time will never make an insult to the affiliated club. That is why Very good complaints from the Superliga who were ignored by Conmebol before the AFA were again absent.

4.- Before the rematch is held and takes into consideration the presence of FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Conmebol Alejandro Domínguez, the AFA will launch two actions: a) meet with the Head of Security of AFA to report operational provisions on behalf of the relevant authorities, in addition to contacting the Police, forcing to whom the AFA recognizes the domain and experience on the road and b) operations through Public Relations AFA to take Contacts with your River colleagues and know how, where and when will arrive Infantino and Dominguez and who will receive them officially. Surely they will include guests on the beach of Udaondo until they deliver them to a box with an inner ring. In such a way, as has happened on previous occasions, important foreign leaders will be safe from unpleasant contact with people who are overcrowded to be despicable subjects, which unfortunately happens.

5.- Deferring the match, Julio Grondona will be at the forefront of the situation before Conmebol in his capacity as president of the institution where participating clubs are affiliated, preventing both presidents from deepening personal confrontation; the issue regarding the realization of the meeting, the possibility of sanctions against the river by Pedrea to the Boca omnibus in "closeness" and the appointment of headquarters for the second and final meeting between Sungai and Boca would be an AFA problem and this would include canceling the "agreement" between the parties and Boca's intentions to appear before TAS. The AFA will put the problem on its shoulder until it finds an alternative to preserving the River and Boca from all wear and tear.

6.- On that Sunday, a number of despicable people attacked Dominguez and Infantino accompanied by the true AFA president, Claudio Tapia, who arrived unexpectedly in the River's internal parking lot without anyone from the Security Department of the club receiving them. Then they walked alone and openly under San Martin Alta, where they were persecuted. It is clear that this – someday – will have consequences because these victims continue to have useless privileges that provide a misunderstood force: sanctions "exemplify". Unfortunately this has happened and so quickly gave Conmebol the opportunity to "discipline" as was done with affiliated federations that were different and in accordance with FIFA. For a leader like Grondona, this situation will not avoid it. And that same night, after apologizing openly, he will begin to forge alliances with federations, associations or other leagues from the Continent of Europe to gain support and prevent the transcendent, fundamental and historical party from leaving his country to go abroad. I will say something like this: "Listen, if we allow this today with Argentina, tomorrow they will take your classics and it will be embarrassing for you, for your management and humiliation for your country …"

7.- Julio Grondona will not admit that the Conmebol Disciplinary Court consisting of Eduardo Gross Brown of Paraguay, Amarilis Belisario of Venezuela, and Cristóbal Valdes of Chile, was reaffirmed with his decision "on request" (November 29, 2018)) Conmebol's decision to move overseas meetings as anticipated by Alejandro Domínguez two days earlier (November 27, 2018) and openly anticipated at the press conference a few hours before the clear verdict was very embarrassing.

Finally open, because fictional actors can impose on FIFA that all this absurdity is impossible.

Anyone who knows anything about Julio Grondona knows that Boca and River have completed the second half of 2015 at La Boca and that the 2018 final has been played in Argentina– Almost certainly at River – or they will never play it.

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