"In his claim, double the bet"


Lans technical director, Luis Zubelda, Talking after merging strikers, Jos Sand, And explained what was the purpose with that arrival. The coach wants to add more offensive power to the team, as well as more control in the game. "The idea is that we carry out that domain by having a ball so that the opponent doesn't handle it and at the same time produces an offensive game to reach the definition, which Sand can contribute to all his experiences and talents", deny DT.

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One year after his departure to Deportivo Cali, Colombia, Sand returns to his house. Lans opens the door to start the third cycle. With your arrival it became the first reinforcement, on the market this summer, for institutions. The team ordered by Zubelda began today as preseason to get ready in the remnants of the Argentine Football League, a contest that began again in the last week of January.

"Pepe is the host player, at the age of (38 years) he remained vital and in that case he required him to double the bet. For all that, is an important reference for the youngest", said the Garnet technician, at present, the club from the South, is ranked 20th in the Superliga with 15 units, the 21 Racing leaders, the next challenge is on January 27 2019 against Godoy Cruz, in Mendoza.

The striker was presented last Wednesday, and at a press conference, the following challenges were in the institution: "The quickest goal is to bring Lans forward and bring him as high as possible", he explained. "I am from clubs and clubs needing everyone. My score record was born with Luis Zubelda. I hope to continue to contribute in the future. I am very happy to be here. "

38-year-old footballer campen with Garnet on four opportunities (Opening of 2007, 2016 First Tournament, 2016 Bicentennial Cup and Supercopa 2017). Sand has 13 goals to become the club's historic goalscorer. Pepe has 108 goals with a Garnet shirt, and completed the podium led by Luis Arrieta (120) and Gilmar Villagrn (112).


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