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"I'll stay at the bank …" Jorge Rial cleared up his doubts and talked about the Intruder's survival!

Doubts and uncertainties are presented in the program Jorge Rial. The two main panelists, Adrián Pallares and Marcela Tauro, talked about this issue and were worried not to know about the continuation of the cycle based on entertainment news. However, the doubt ended and Rial himself tried to clean it.

"I want to thank you because with almost 19 years, we always lead the channel rankings. Thank you for those who believe. And ask them to renew the pattern for next year … here we will be," are the words Jorge said at the beginning of the broadcast on Friday. When listening to reporters' statements, the panelists did not hide their astonishment and began the question round.

"Do you live?" Is the first question he received and he replied: "Yes, where will I go? The only one who lives here is me, here lay eggs as usual. Do you remember who in 2001? I am here?", Said the leader America. Then, Tauro joined him and added: "I mean, didn't you go in February?" "No, where will I go?" Said the protagonist. Before the intense trip back and forth, Marcelo Retiro: "You said, Father, you will leave in February," he said.

"I'll stay here, I'll stop it." Do you need us Here it is, damn it! As we always do, let's bank the channel until the final consequence! Friend, forget, let's live today, "Jorge said, and his answer did not convince those present and the panelists who pushed everything to add:" There is no answer! "Marcela Tauro warned. Then, he closed the topic:" Let's live today "How many years do you want?" 19, 10, 22 "In the bad things people see, here, when you have to be, you have to be there."

Despite intense dialogue with his working group, the driver did not confirm anything, but clues indicate that Jorge Rial will continue to lead Intruder. On the other hand, the journalist and driver's personal life underwent a major change: he announced his marriage to Romina Pereiro and reconciled with More Rial, signs that his future would change and the continuity of the program would be linked to that change.

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