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If you have one of these 13 applications on your mobile, delete them, they are viruses

To be careful

Google removes it from your store, but those who have installed it must delete it from their cellphone so that the data is not risky

Finding viruses on mobile phones is more complicated than on a computer. If on PCs, programmers of this type of threat are looking to hijack computers, slow it down or simply divert it to some websites with fraudulent content, on smartphones this philosophy is very different: all they want is to transfer data from the terminal to the secret server and do with them what they want.

Because this bypass operation is silent, users do not know whether their device is infected or not. And that's what happened with the massive transmission of malware that occurred on Android.

According to NDTV, Google has removed 13 applications from the Google Play store because they posed what they didn't. They all look like car or motorcycle racing games, absolutely free, but in fact they are Trojan horses that introduce malware programs to mobile phones.

And even though Google has removed this application from the store, that doesn't mean they continue to do damage with their viruses. If installed on a smartphone, that means the device is affected. So if you have one of these applications on your mobile, please delete:

– Luxury Traffic SUVs

– Car Driving Simulator

– Extreme Car Driving Racing

– Moto Cross Extreme Racing

– City Explorer Parking SUV

– Extreme Car Driving City

– Race Moto Traffic City

– Driving Extreme Sports Cars

– Hyper Car Driving Simulator

– Truck Cargo Simulator

– SUV 4 × 4 Driving Simulator

– Firefighters

– Fire Truck Simulator

– Luxury Car Parking

Unlike other malware attacks, this application is quite popular. More than 560,000 people downloaded them before they were expelled from the store, and two of them even reached the "trend" section of Google Play before being deleted.

All of these applications are the work of the same developer, one of them is Luiz O. Pinto. When a user installs this application, the application icon is hidden and the user is asked to install an additional program called "Game Center" which seems to have no function other than to get data and telephone systems. Namely, install the virus itself.

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