If Prince Charles is King, this can happen with Kate's father


It is estimated that if this happens they will receive a peerage and will be invited to a royalty event. What will happen to other Kate family members?

Since Kate and Guillermo is a couple, always speculating about what will be the role of parents Young Middleton, like his brothers Michael, Carole, Pippa and James.

Now, with a whole new panorama of family, we argue and think about what life will be like Middleton in case his father-in-law considers British rule. Parents of the Duchess of Cambridge, who have had great social relevance in the UK in recent years, can have greater tasks in the future. Of course, someone handled the hypothesis that it would not come because Queen Elizabeth II would give way to her grandson William. However, when that time arrives, the actual partner's situation will change substantially and therefore the parents of him.

The site vanitatis.elconfidencial.com, shows that if Prince Wales becomes king, it is very possible that there is a modification of certain protocols and Michael and Carole Middleton are invited, for example, to spend the Christmas holidays at Sandringham or other events. family There are other theories that show that, with Charles of England on the throne, Michael could be taken into account, Carole in the country, James in the viscount and Pippa in women.

The most painful reason why Prince Charles forced William to cut Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth II was always successful in accordance with the protocol, and that was why it was not marked by giving nobility during his reign, even relatives of the queen's consort, so this idea was impossible. Initially, nobility will be given to people who are closely related to the royal family, however Middleton They live their own lives, separate from Windsors.


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