Friday , October 22 2021

Ibex 35, live: Stock Exchange rose 1% from the bank's hands and restored 9,000 | Market


Some help was felt in the market after support from European Union countries for pre-agreement for Brexit. The first obstacle has been withdrawn and although there are many more, we are moving towards regular exit from English European clubs. After falling recently, and before a quieter scenario regarding Brexit and also in Italy, Ibex 35 regained: up 1% and recovering 9,000 points.

After last week's big losses, the bank led the rise. Santander 1.6% down payment, Sabadell add 1.7%, BBVA get 1.2% and CaixaBank, 1.56%. Cie Automotive add 1.4% e IAG 1.3% down payment.

The index recovered 9,000 after falling below 8,900 a few days ago. For analysts at Link Securities, "it's worth it cheap hunter start focusing their attention on values ​​which, after a sharp decline in their prices, offer high potential for growth results accompanied, in many cases, with very strong balance sheets and valuations that are far more attractive than just a few months ago ".

British Prime Minister Theresa May began on Monday a campaign to convince deputies of the House of Commons to vote in favor of the Brexit agreement, after receiving approval from European countries this weekend. From now on, it's the turn of the British Parliament to approve the agreement or not. However, the internal political division makes the final stretch of divorce complicated. The pound was very flat: up 0.04% against the dollar to $ 1.2818.

In front of Italy, Italy's Deputy Prime Minister and North League leader Mateo Salvini has indicated an option to modify the Italian budget, rejected by Brussels. AdronKos Agency has quoted Salvini: "Nothing has been repaired [en el objetivo del 2,4%]If there is a budget that makes developing countries, it can be 2.2% or 2.4%. "Italian risk premium fell 15 points and placed below 300, up to 296. Bond yields decreased to 3.312% from the previous 3.449%. In Spain, the risk premium fell three points to 128 points, with a bonus of 1.637%.

Mata is now on November 30 and December 1, when the G20 Summit is held in Buenos Aires. In the context of international meetings, it is expected that bilateral meetings will be held in parallel, and investors will pay close attention to the one that will make the US president, Donald Trump, with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

In raw materials, Brent oil recovered part of last week's losses. The barrel of crude oil increase on Monday was around 2% and recovered 60 dollars. Recent bearish pressure comes from higher supply expectations and slowing demand, which could lead to oversupply in the market next year.

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