"I hope that …", Pico Mnaco detailed the reconciliation with Pampita


Juan "Pico" Mnaco He talks intimate with Hola! Argentina and all parties enjoy the details of their reconciliation with Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain. "We returned to see after a while, we held a reunion and that was goodor six or seven months ago we separated and made telephone contact, but we did not meet each other, So gathering together to talk is something we must do", related.

And I continued this second opportunity given with the 40-year model: "I love him so much to CarolinaI learned a lot from him, he was more mature than me, and it made me good to meet again. But the problem is very step by step. I am positive and I try to be happy. I want to be happy And from that base, I go to try to build my happiness. I hope this works, it works well"

"@Picomonaco and @pampitaoficial's reconciliation is a fact, in short, they turn white, today he went looking for a house and he took photos with a fan", poste, on the other hand, journalist Ngel de Brito a few days ago on social networking. For now, and despite the fact that "Pampita" is still not talking about reconciliation with Mnaco, both of them will spend the summer in Punta del Este.

Also, as long as the Gala figure of Gente magazine, former Benjamn Vicua gave to understand his new romance with a former tennis player: "This year it's a mountain of Russian emotion." Many dreams, hopes, illusions, frustrations, disappointments, starting from the beginning, ssecond chance"And, after a little laugh, I added with a smile that I was referring to work.

And he concluded: "We haven't been together for months, I think we made a very good decision and with lots of love, that's why he is someone I can talk to with people you share time with and love, always there good memory, if you pass it, you have to hug it, ask how is your life? "Will he whiten" Pico "again?


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