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How much AC is consumed and how much you can spend per month

And among the many upcoming improvements is an increase in energy services, again. Set until August 2019 a step up 55%. With that adjustment, in the Macri era light will increase by 3362%. That rose 507% in 2016; 130% in 2017; This 60% is in 2018; and 55% in 2019, although more adjustments are not ruled out.

And it The first increase in 2019 starts in mid-summer. From February 1, rates will increase by 26%, and then in March will increase by 14%. In this context, warnings are turned on for all users who know that they must use air conditioning or fans for practical use throughout the day due to high temperatures and heat waves.


How much is AC consumption? This is the most recurring question for these hours. It is known that the fan has a minimum consumption, but it is not cold enough too.

Now if the alternative is air, a series of options are open. minutouno.com consult with references in this sector and energy distributors who explain how the account is.

Those who have a model several years ago, which is generally inefficient consumption, the account that must be done is as follows: if the device is 3000 BTU, for example, it has a consumption of 3 kWh per hour. Now, if you turn it on at 24 degrees, it won't consume a full hour of energy, but far less. In this case, the monthly bill will be around 800 or 1,000 pesos, even less, according to the time of air ignition.

Chaco.jpg light energy bill

On the other hand, if the house is heated to 18 or 19 degrees, to really cool the environment if it's large, the engine will always be on and consumption will be very significant. 3 kwh will run out per hour.

Every kwh is worth, according to the two main metropolitan energy distributors, $ 1.95. So to take account. But, that's not everything. If you consume a total of more than 700 KW / H for 30 days, the KW / H value jumps to $ 2.48. And that doesn't end there.

Energy companies set different values ​​for fixed costs paid by all users according to consumption. For example, up to a monthly payment of 400 KW / H, the basic 100 pesos plus kmh used is paid; now if consumption is greater than 700 KW / H, (broadcasts 8 hours a day at 20 degrees for a month) the base is $ 1,200, plus consumption of KMH, which comes out more expensive. Following this example, Tickets per month can reach between 3000 and 4000 pesos, easily.

Average, Households in the metropolitan area spend $ 1,400 per month on electricity, according to reports from the National Association of Insulation Materials. Of that total, 50% for home air conditioning, which demands around $ 700 who use air conditioning at any time and at temperatures lower than 24 degrees, the value rises as said by 3000 and 4000 pesos, or more.

The entity estimates that "You can save more than $ 10,290 per year at home" if you change some habits, like if you buy "Class A" equipment.

Label "Class A"

When buying a new tool, it is recommended to choose one with an "A" Class Energy Efficiency Label.

In "Class A" air conditioners you will save up to 40% of the light compared to other consumption which is not efficient, but cheaper when you buy it. However, even though the label "A" is quite expensive, "generally, in one and a half years of use, you recover the difference in initial costs," explained Andrea Heins, former Deputy Minister of Energy Saving and Efficiency.

In dialogue with minutouno.com, experts also suggest that one way to preserve a cold environment is to use it curtains that cover the sun as much as possible so they don't turn on and turn off the air conditioner at any time.

And he insisted: "Only cool the inhabited environment and at 24 degrees in summer (21 or 22 in winter) because someone must be closer to the outside temperature and dress at home according to the road climate".

On the other hand, Refrigeration with air conditioning is cheaper than heating with the same equipment. Technologically, heating using energy requires higher consumption than cooling using light. Therefore, in winter tickets are usually bigger than in summer if the house is heated with this type of equipment.

And to prepare because in August there will be a new adjustment of the 4% service. For example, Heins graficó that there is no consumption of "Class A" for heating with air but starting from "B" when it cools if you reach the more efficient consumption listed in "A".

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