How many million rivers were lost due to the double suspension of the Copa Libertadores Superfinal against Boca


Only in paying the affected police for operations, the Núñez club is 4 million pesos. Three must pay security personnel. And eight million was spent on own resources (around 260 employees) and Utedyc -adi staff explained that the decisive Copa Libertadores party received a double wage.

In Federal Tire rental for parking vehicles and in fireworks for reception equipment, the Erogó River is 2.5 million weights. AFA receives three million pesos in audience insurance and 2% received. For this we must add current expenses, so the total exceeds 20 million pesos.

If gross collection reaches 100 million, the institution remains close to net of 80 million net. And more than 20 were left in two attempts to refute the definition of copera. But before the same transfer out, it remains to be seen if the River public will be able to agree and the club must resolve how to return money to those who cannot move. That, without calculating a certain fine will apply to the Conmebol Discipline Unit.

The number is convincing: the river, as an institution, was also a victim of the incident.


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