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How is the weather this Friday in Mar del Plata? Daily Capital of Mar del Plata

Friday with cloudy skies and the possibility of rain and storms predicted for Mar del Plata and the area, according to the National Meteorological Service.

In the morning there is mist and bank fog, partly cloudy skies and moderate or mild wind from the eastern sector after variable directions.

In the evening / evening, meanwhile, advanced SMNs are partly cloudy into the overcast sky, possibly rain and storm, some strong, light winds from variable directions, changing to the usual of the southern sector, with gusts.

The minimum temperature is 14 degrees and the maximum will be 28 degrees during most of the afternoon.

Warning for strong storms

In the south, central and northwestern provinces of Buenos Aires, center and east of Catamarca, west and southeast of Córdoba, east of La Pampa, center and east of La Rioja, San Juan, north of San Luis, south of Santa Fe and Tucumán predicted that again during the day from today's coverage area will be affected by rain and storm, some strong locales. Abundant water is expected to fall in a short time, gusts, strong electrical activity and falling hail.

Be alert for strong winds

The southwestern part of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, east of Chubut, Río Negro and Santa Cruz began to be affected by strong winds from the southern sector, with speeds estimated at between 50 and 60 km / h with gusts.

Conditions will remain until Friday afternoon or Friday night 30 in the south of the coverage area. While in the northern part of the coverage area, it is expected that this intensity will be reached by evening or evening.

In Buenos Aires

This Friday is presented with several possible drizzle and rain, according to estimates by the National Meteorological Service, which gives a maximum temperature of 26 degrees for the City of Buenos Aires and its surroundings.

While it arrived with the fog, for this morning it was less likely to drizzle predictably, with moderate winds.

For day and night, there is the possibility of rain, rain, and some isolated storms.

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