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Horrible autopsy report on soldiers killed by her husband


November 24, 2018 – 19:52
Study of the first fractal remains found in the skull and pain 10 to 15 minutes through a clot in the heart.

An autopsy report was carried out yesterday at 15.30 in General Rodriguez's morgue to Jesica's body Lucia Hoffman – the Army's first corporal whose body was cut into pieces at his house in Moreno's bag – talking about brutality outside the public. The report agreed to by Infobae determined that Jessica was beaten to death before the murder split her body into three parts and decapitated her.

The blow caused a fracture in the calotte and at the base of the skull. The body of Jesica, on the other hand, had a sustained wound on the back of his right hand. The date of death is estimated by forensic experts at least 72 hours, with 10 to 15 minutes suffering determined by clots found in the heart.

The body of the 34-year-old girl was found on Thursday by her father after she was told at the Intendencia Battalion 601 El Palomar where she worked that she had never been to her desk for two days. The family forced the window of Jesica's house and when they entered they found that in the bathroom there was a bag with three black pockets inside that gave off a sickening smell: they did not want to open it.

After the first test conducted by the Buenos Aires Scientific Police found that the house was recently cleaned. They also found a knife that allowed an attack. Thanks to other evidence gathered at the crime scene, prosecutor Leandro Ventricelli requested the arrest of Fernando González Friveo, Jesica's partner, with whom he lived in the house and who was also a military sergeant.

At the time of arrest, the man was being decorated at the military base where he carried out his activities. Before the troops, he confessed to crime even though he had to repeat it before the prosecutor so that his confession had legal validity.

Back to the autopsy, the first conclusion reached by specialists was that Jesica received several blows to the face with objects "blessed with weight and mass". This means that the aggressor uses several types of objects that are strong to hurt him or that push the head against several edges like a bathtub, which results in a skull bill.

In addition, the report noted that he received many blows that matched punches or kicks on the legs and face. I've been alive all this time. The autopsy also confirmed that Jesica was not pregnant at the time of her murder.

Another observation sent to prosecutor Ventricelli is that the body has a seal on his hands and feet, which implies that the killer might aim to move the body from its place.

Hoffman's relatives, who also live next to Jesica's house, said they saw González cleaning and conditioning his car within hours of Tuesday when he was killed. They also claimed that the house key was changed.

Jessica and Fernando lived together for almost 10 years. They have the same eight-year-old son. Several years ago and with much effort he moved to a house rented in Caseros but the difficult economic situation made them return to the western region of Conurbano two years ago.

"We have no background in big fights, they have their arguments as a couple but there is never a serious one, we cannot believe it, we treat it like our family, I chat with Jessica here Saturday, I can't understand why," Alicia said crying. , Aunt Jessica.

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