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Horacio Larreta was asked to investigate how 300 participants arrived at River Bar – 11/25/2018


The Mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, said yesterday that he ordered an internal summary investigation determine the reason for the incident happened on Saturday around the Monumental Stadium, where the Boca Juniors team moved micro, when he was attacked by rocks by River Plate fans.

Rodríguez Larreta related to the incident on Saturday directly with the procedure the previous day, on Friday, will carry out the Buenos Aires Court at home allegedly the boss of the Brava of River bar in San Miguel.

"The problem here is called the brave bar, the mafia that has been in football more than 50 years ago, which resulted in this incident," said the Head of Government. "What happened yesterday (Saturday) has something to do with that no one would be naive to believe that this was not directly related to the previous day's episode, through the investigation that we brought, the search was carried out and 10 million pesos and 300 tickets were found in the hands of the Brave Bar River, "said Rodríguez Larreta.

"You have to determine who gave them the ticket, because someone gave it to him. So we ask the prosecutor to go forward thoroughly with the investigation, we hope to count and we believe this will happen with the collaboration of the clubs for the investigation, but we have to determine who gave them the ticket and actually against the mafia from the bars, it is the big challenges we have and we will bring them forward. Yesterday was a consequence of that. "

Larreta added: "That is the problem, 300 people who used to go to court yesterday could not enter. And they are the main protagonists of all the violations around the court, which included stones into the omnibus of the Boca players. We will oppose the courageous bar, whatever happens, no matter what cost we will incur, "complete the person responsible for the City Executive Power.

After learning of the new suspension from the party decided yesterday at noon by Conmebol, Rodriguez Larreta said that this had nothing to do with the fact that security was not guaranteed but because of "sports equity". In this way, the head of the City Executive Power took responsibility for the local security forces in the event ordered to investigate the Buenos Aires security minister, Martín Ocampo, who was in charge of the City Police.

"The responsibility of the operation is City Police"said the head of government. "Of course I also asked the Minister of Security to conduct a thorough investigation, make summaries, as we always do on this occasion to determine responsibility and see what can be done better, remembering what happened yesterday," Rodriguez Larreta said minutes before the Superclásico suspension was discovered.

"The minister has instructions from me, to go in depth, to investigate responsibility, who is responsible at each stage of the group, but also incidents around. And that is being investigated by the Ministry of Security from now on," said Rodríguez Larreta. Clarín tried to communicate with Ocampo but the call was not answered.

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