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HIV: Where and when to do a free test in Mendoza?

Saturday commemorates World Day on HIV / AIDS Awareness and Mendoza was worried that inside In recent years the age of those infected with the virus has declined.

That is why They plan various activities which leads to early diagnosis.

HIV is a virus that destroys the immune system and AIDS is the final stage of infection. This difference must be highlighted

Here are some of the earliest data on diseases in Mendoza. Although they are not final data that is similar or slightly higher than last year. 360 cases were diagnosed last year, almost one case per day.

Since 1984 that the first case was recorded so far 4,695 people were infected with the virus. 1,419 shows AIDS and 783 deaths for related diseases.

To take into account

  • HIV is not transmitted: give hugs, handshakes, kisses and caresses. Occurs in contact with sweat, saliva or tears. Using public toilets, glasses or cutlery, also do not drink a mate.
  • If HIV is transmitted: Sexual routes (anal, vaginal, oral without protection), blood route (blood transfusion without analysis, shared use of syringes, needles with drugs), perinatal route or from mother to child (from mother with HIV to her son during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding)

It should be noted that care has increased sharply over the years.

In Argentina there is 120 thousand are infectedOf these, 30% do not know their diagnosis, but can be known by blood samples. That is why awareness campaigns will be carried out.

Where to test

November 30

In the hospital: Center, Lagomaggiore, Notti, José Néstor Lencinas, Chrabalowski, Diego Paroissien, Perrupato, Saporiti, Raffo, Illia, Scaravelli, Tagarelli, Schestakow, Argentine Nurses, and University Hospitals.

Likewise, on Center for Prevention, Counseling and Testing that works throughout the year and that they will also be present today.

CePAT from Health Center No. 76 Dr. Persico Angel in Palmira, San Martin
CePAT CIC 913, The Colonia, Junín
FAST from the Directorate of Health, City of Las Heras and OSC Vida Infantil. This will take a test at Plaza Marcos Burgos of Las Heras.

At Cuyo National University:
9 to 13: Faculty of Medical Sciences: Office of HIV Counseling and Testing, at CENMAD (Adolescent Medicine Center) in front of the former Chancellor.
From 11 to 14: Student Health, next to the University Dining Room.

Mendoza Province Penitentiary:
Almafuerte Complex (Luján de Cuyo).
Young Adult Complex (City).

City Program for HIV / AIDS Guaymallén:
From 10 to 13: Counseling and Testing, actions together with Nursing Careers University Hospital, destined for society.
From 10 to 13: On the esplanade from Municipality of Guaymallén, Standing with condom distribution and graphic material and placement of multimedia screens.
Medikids Pediatric Medical Center (Rodríguez and Pueyrredón), from 8am to 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 to 9:00 a.m.

December 1

Provincial AIDS Program, Public Employee Social Work, Viral Hepatitis Province Program, Cuyo National University Medical Faculty, Central Hospital, Lagomaggiore, Lencinas, Paroissiens and Vaccination Center will be present at San Martín Park, in front of the Rosedal, from 9am to 13pm

HIV counseling and testing, syphilis, hepatitis B and C and vaccine placement against hepatitis B, accompanied by play on the subject and general gymnastics classes.

FAST from the Directorate of Primary Health Promotion and Care of the Municipality of Mendoza. Starting at 18, at the Parque Central Fundación Rock and Life, Starting at 18, Paseo Alameda (in Córdoba and San Martín de Ciudad) will conduct counseling and testing, artistic intervention and information booths.

City Program for HIV / AIDS, Guaymallén, from 17 to 21, in Predio de la Virgen Suggestions and testing will be made for people who come to this space.

December 3

QUICK from the Godoy Cruz Municipal Health Directorate in conjunction with the Godoy Department of Department under the Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sports. In Tomás Godoy Cruz department plaza, from 9am to 13pm

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