Friday , October 22 2021

Hepatology Day and for the National Club Pancreas meeting began – Today's portrait


To raise awareness about the importance of various liver diseases and to update professionals on a variety of topics, this Friday 23 and Saturday 24 will be developed in the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Fasta University, located in Avellaneda 3341, the days of Hepatology, Hepatic Transplant and Hepatopancreatobilia Surgeryr also a Pankreas National Meeting of the Club of the Argentina Republic.

Events organized by the Pueyrredón Clinic, the Mar del Plata Transplant Foundation and the Prometeo Group are intended for students and professionals from various specialties and has a broad agenda, which includes the Medical Clinic, General Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging, Nutrition, Hepatology, Oncology, Treatment and Surgical Instruments, among others.

In that sense, president of the Mar del Plata Transplant Foundation, Doctor Diego Fernández, He spoke with "The Portrait …" and declare that "The days are hepatology and transplantation and then there is a meeting about the pancreas that is carried out every two years and this time it is done again in Mar del Plata".

"Hepatology will overcome problems such as inflammation of fatty liver, current and modern treatments in Hepatitis C, which is the first cause of liver transplantation in Argentina, indications of liver transplantation and, basically, liver transplantation due to liver tumors", He maintains the foundation's reference.

In connection with liver transplant for liver tumors, He stated that "this is a fairly recent thing, where some malignant liver tumors are being transplanted. The whole heart is changed to cure oncological diseases. "

He also added that "in the liver you will also see all liver oncological diseases with specialists from Buenos Aires who came to talk about it, fundamentally related to primary tumors and rectal colon metastases. "

With reference to National Club Pancreas meeting, take note of that "There are several important guests at the national level and we will talk about oncology problems, pancreatic insufficiency and a diagnosis of pancreatic disease, that they are currently being updated because this is one of the most common pathologies in the digestive tract.

Followed by "Portrait … " about how the situation in the city, replied that "in Mar del Plata we are a highly updated group for the management of diseases that have worked together with liver transplant teams since 2010, in the context of the city's very beneficial and effective liver transplant program ".

"We also treat all hepatological diseases from a clinical perspective to get a liver transplant because of the lack of organs available", The reference word from the temporary foundation also noted that they also worked in these days which were made every two years, "trying to serve to renew the potential of city doctors and the rest from groups working in the city."

The days to be held at the auditorium of the Fasta University School of Medicine, located in Avellaneda 3341, are Friday 23 from 9 in the morning to 20 hours and on Saturdays 24 from 8 in the morning to 14 hours, free and open to the public general.

"They are also associated with a full day of nursing and surgical instrumentation related to all these problems, namely liver transplantation, donations and organ procurement, how to produce more donors and more," he highlights. The full program can be seen on the web page: and through social networks: Facebook / fundacion.mdpplantation.

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