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He tried to steal a motorcycle with toy guns and was shot dead

A motorcycle it's with the accomplice trying to steal a motorcycle from an employee from a workshop at the Buenos Aires party La Matanza he was shot dead by a retired federal police officer who acted calmly in the place.

Police sources reported that the incident occurred on Tuesday night at the intersection of San Martin Avenue and O & # 39; Brien Street in the city of Lomas del Mirador.

The quiet Esso service station in the area warns that the place arrived two motorbikes and armed down companion to steal a bicycle from the coast, 22 years old. Then it was discovered that the gun he was carrying was a replica.

The attacker reaches the goal but immediately calms down, 62, He gave a loud voice. Because he disobeyed the order, he shot him. The criminal made about 20 meters on a motorcycle, but then fell dead.

Personnel from the Lomas del Mirador police station arrived at the site after the 911 call and verified the facts, while the prosecutor ordered a series of expert reports, but did not order calm detention.

Furthermore, arrears with the initials C.D.V., 23 years old and a native of the village of Las Antenas, located very close to that area.

That also confirms that a sad subject had a criminal record and in the place where he fell dead, he was kidnapped by a replica of a 9 mm caliber pistol, a stolen motorcycle and two cellphones, which is investigated if it is stolen in another illegal.

Investigate the event entitled "Murder during a theft", Thematic Murder by UFI from the Ministry of Justice La Matanza, by Claudio Fornaro, who ordered that the autopsy concerned be carried out in the coming hours.

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