He stabbed his wife and escaped by car Chronicle


A woman was stabbed to death at Las Heras, in Mendoza, and in fact they arrested her partner, with whom he had a strong argument a few minutes earlier, sources from the Ministry of Security reported.

It happened Saturday night in a house located on 3 de Febrero Street at 800. According to sources, around 0.50 Liliana Ramona OlguĂ­n 49 years old fight with their partner Luis Alberto Sosa, who in the middle of a fight hit him and stabbed him in various parts of the body.

After the attack, the man escaped from home with a white Suzuki Gran Vitara truck, according to what the site reported losandes.com.ar.

A neighbor, who watched as Sosa fled, approached the place and through the window saw the woman lying on the floor above a large pool of blood.

Moments later, personnel arrived from the Coordinated Emergency Service (SEC) which verified Olguin's death at the place.

Meanwhile, the murder was stopped by personnel from the Murder Division on Route 52 before arriving at the Minetti Factory. The Fiscal 6 Office intervened.


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