Wednesday , July 28 2021

He operated and still had a smooth introduction to Glovo being shot in an attempt to attack

27-year fight for his life at the Polyclinic. There are still no suspects for the attack to occur at 16 between 42 and 43

He operated and still had a smooth introduction to Glovo being shot in an attempt to attack

Friends and acquaintances of the shipping boy yesterday at the san martín / dolores Ripoll hospital

In the midst of a strong uproar that resulted in an attempt at a bloody attack suffered by the distributor of the Glovo company, in the first minute last Saturday. Medical and police sources reported in the last hours that conditions remained fragile.

Because this newspaper was reflected in yesterday's edition, the attack took place in block 16 between 42 and 43, when Glovo company distributor Kevin Alex Sanhueza went to take a kilo of ice cream to a customer who lived in the building of the block.

Before he could deliver the order, he was shocked by two armed criminals who were riding motorbikes.

He was immediately asked to submit his collection. According to what María said to this newspaper (25), the neighbor from the building who attended Kevin, "the boy said that he did not want to give them what they asked for". The woman covered her hand with the wound Sanhueza had on her chest. He was shot and they fled without taking money.

Then the ambulance arrived at the scene which transferred him to the San Martin hospital. It was after the wounded themselves warned their coworkers by telephone that "I just received a shot".

Soon several Glovo distributors appeared at the venue and on Saturday afternoon they held protests at the corners of 12 and 53, along with workers from Orden Ya, another company in the sector that handles orders through the telephone application.

In the past few weeks there have been several shipping drivers who approached, usually on motorbikes, to release them from collections, cell phones and other items.


During the afternoon of yesterday, several people, including Kevin's relatives and friends, appeared at San Martín Hospital to follow the evolution of their health care.

The director of the hospital, Alberto Urban, told him that the young man was "undergoing abdominal surgery, based on which he presented / displayed perforations of the stomach, small intestine and small intestine" such as shot products.

The researcher advances with instructions to try to find the perpetrator of the attack

According to sources in the investigation, this damage was explained, in part, by the route normally made by 22-gauge projectiles, as would be used in this attack.

The executive highlighted that Kevin Sanhueza "got up and that was also a positive fact that after the surgery, he did not display a picture of fever".

Nevertheless, he clarified that "the state is still critical" and anticipated that in the future, at least one operation would remain in the gastric apparatus.

The young man was accompanied by his parents, who traveled from Neuquén, his home province. In the afternoon, his colleague was also at the Hospital and a number of friends and acquaintances had also approached.

In that group, it was commented that the attending physicians were waiting for their evolution, where there was no prognosis that could be tried at this time.


At the same time, they said that "Kevin's parents were also in the hospital, logically very depressed and did not want to speak publicly about this matter."

According to case sources, the mother, Alejandra Varela, and her husband, traveled to La Plata from Neuquén province, with support from the University of La Plata.

At the hospital it was reported that the mother stayed overnight at the Hospital Hospital dormitory.

This case goes through the investigation phase to ensure that clarification goes hand in hand with the arrest of the two criminals who climbed Kevin while he worked.

Research sources show his belief that investigations make it possible to find those who are responsible immediately. "We are fine on our journey and we believe that soon we can have news to resolve this problem," he said.

It is increasingly debated that "several statements have been taken and we have requested several raids" to the Prosecutor's Office No. 9 La Plata, which is responsible for judicial investigations.

These procedures attempt to arrest those who are guilty of serious conduct in the life of Kevin, who works as an introductory child to pay for an Architectural career at UNLP, which he had in his fifth year.

On Saturday, Kevin's mother demanded that they "find the culprit and not let them go".

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