He left his little girl locked in a car to shop | Chronicle


As happened last Sunday in a supermarket in the city of Ciudadela, Buenos Aires, where couples left their sons in cars full of heat and with glasses raised, on Thursday, a woman made the same mistake as a 4-year-old baby leaving her in a film in the Palermo environment.

It happened on Thursday afternoon, when a 38-year-old woman with her oldest daughter went shopping in the Palermo area, parked the car at the intersection of Avenida Córdoba and Acevedo and left her little girl inside. 4-year-old daughter with a closed window (in the back seat).

A neighbor told the City Police about this situation, and one of the officers in the area decided to break one of the windows to get the little one out of the car, which seemed undaunted at the arrival of the crew. SAME firefighters and ambulances. Minutes later, the mother of the child saw a broken window and released her anger at the police personnel, who explained the reason for the procedure.

The broken window made him angry.

In that amount, the secretary of the Court of Buenos Aires No. 55, Federico Fox, ordered the arrest of the woman (whose philatelic data was not taken by the court) under the cover of the "injury investigation", and for that reason, was taken to the police station No. 14.

It should be noted that last Sunday a similar event was repeated at a well-known supermarket in the city of Ciudadela, where couples went shopping and left their little sons sitting in car seats in vehicles, in full sun and with low windows, so when this was reported , a policeman decides to break the glass to remove the creature.


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