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He killed his wife in Spain, escaped and caught him on an Argentinian grill – 11/25/2018

A former Spanish military officer who owns International arrest warrant for femicide committed to Castellón, arrested Saturday night in Posadas by agents from the Posadas delegation from the Federal Police. The arrest is carried out around the grill, where the fugitive will eat.

The suspect offered no resistance when surrounded by several plainclothes agents from the Federal Police. The ex-military man on the Interpol red list at the request of the Court of Violence Against Women Castellón.

The arrests were made based on data provided by the Spanish Civil Guard, which warned Argentine troops about femicide flights to our country. Prisoners are former legions José Luis Gallego Sánchez, 40 years old.

The Ministry of National Security explained that the fugitive was a tattooed and rude man. At Castellón he was accused kill your partner with a few stabs, Eva Bou Flor, 35 years old.

In a large Interpol operation and together with officials of the Spanish Civil Guard, the femicide was located on Santa Catalina Avenue, a few blocks from the center of the missionary capital, while heading to the grill.

The search for national territory began when officials from the Federal Investigation Division of Fugitives became aware of the presence in our country of a Spanish citizen who had fled the country after committing violent crimes.

Soon, an informative exchange was opened with Spanish officials and Civil Guard investigators, stipulating that Gallego Sánchez was in the province of Misiones.

From the data, Interpol was asked to capture the international, which finally materialized this Saturday.

Once the operation is complete, the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, states that "This deviant crime cannot be left alone. Criminal investigations and police articulations within the Interpol scope allow us to know the whereabouts of the fugitives. Today is where it should be: at the disposal of Justice. "

The EFE Institute noted that the former Spanish legionnaire antecedents for sexual violence with previous partners. The femicide victim he wanted did not file any complaints.

The detainee was filed at the disposal of federal judge Maria Victoria Skanata, who must determine at the time of the origin of extradition to Spain.

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