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He dreamed that his ex was dead and killed him Chronicle

A 24-year-old young woman, Karina Vayon, was found dead this morning at his home in Labradores de Pango in the capital city of La Rioja, with brutal beatings and stab wounds on his head and neck. His former colleague was arrested for allegedly committing a crime.

Karina's murder took place this early Monday. Former colleague, and father of his 3-year-old daughter, Yonathan David SerranoHe is 26 years old. He was in the crime zone and allegedly he could call 911 to report. Not clear. There will be two reports of gender violence by the young woman but have not been confirmed.

Judge who understands this case, Daniel Barría, present at the place said that "The body was moved to the morgue to autopsy the girl who was killed and thus determine the cause of his death".

For judges, the hypothesis is "Theft is followed by murder or feminism. Nothing can be ruled out. You have to find out where he died. It is not wise to make a guess because we have to protect this case. Serrano's arrest is preventive and we will take the statement".

"We will deepen the investigation. We are doing skills to gather as much information as possible and we will see suspicions that might arise", finally revealed Barría.


Karina was found killed this morning and suspicion fell on her former colleague who was arrested on charges of being a criminal. For the part, the father of the victim, Ramón Ricardo Vayon, said the statement to Fixix local radio "My daughter's ex-girlfriend called me to tell me about her death since they found her with her father".

He also stated that his former in-laws would say that to him "His son will dream that Karina was dead when he slept and he snatched the chain and immediately told him that dream and asked him to go home because he felt something had happened to my daughter".

Finally for Vayón this story will be a justification since Yonahan Serrano "He has scratches on his chest and neck. They believe it is robbery and that is why they killed him, but we don't believe because my son's cellphone is next to him. He was killed by someone who had a problem with him.". The family believes that it is feminism.

Ramón Horacio MercadoThe girl's neighbor also said on local radio "I greeted Karina around 11:00. I saw her nervous when talking on the phone. You could tell she denied who she was talking to on the cellphone.".

Noelia VayónKarina's sister said between her sobs "I don't think it's robbery but I don't want to think my brother-in-law did this to my sister, she is my niece's father, I want to believe she didn't kill her, she can't kill her daughter's mother, I don't want to believe leaving her daughter orphaned ".

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