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"He doesn't deserve an animal to kill his life", a painful letter from Ciro's mother

30 November 2018

Soledad Marcos thanked him for his support after his colleague took the life of his ten-year-old son.

Soledad Marcos was immersed in the deepest pain a mother could have. Your son, Ciro Peñalba, killed brutally by his colleague and through a rejuvenated letter on Facebook related to the sadness that enveloped him during these hours.

"What happened to me had no explanation or comfort. I am broken, I am only for my children", Detailed woman who was attacked by, Juan Cruz Chirino, 27, the morning where she also stabbed her eldest son.

"I don't deserve this. That psychopathic animal took his life and that's why me and my family", Said Soledad, who in turn was shot in the cheekbones during the fit madness that was his girlfriend.

This episode happened on Tuesday at 6:30 in the Tolosa neighborhood, at his house 116 between 529 and 530 and ended with Chirino entrenched for nine hours in one of the rooms in the house. When the police cornered him, the only way out was to shoot his own head and he died when he was taken to the hospital.

"Cyrus is the most extraordinary baby that can exist. Always with a smile, always playing. Little game fans and their friends … He doesn't deserve this", Remember her mother in a post she made on her Facebook account.

Children under ten years old He is the son of Angel Peñalba, Soledad's first partner. According to the reconstruction of the murder, the boy died after being attacked with 16 stab wounds. The killer even warned the biological father that he would kill the baby and that was why the father of the child immediately went to his house. Melchor Romero go up Tolosa. However, because of despair crash into the road and end up at the health center.

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