He created the WhatsApp group with all his ex-girlfriends for some reason


December 29, 2018

The man called all his former colleagues in the same group but the results of the experience were not what he expected. See what happened.


A young man creates a WhatsApp conversation group with all that ex-lover, should expect them Merry ChristmasHowever, the answer is unexpected. For humans, identified as Tom, he feels funny to make a conversation group to see if there are any of them ex-spouses want to continue their relationship or at least go with him for fun that night.

The subject starts the conversation explaining that he hopes everyone is Christmas and that he is alone, that's why I miss them and he thought it was a good idea Create groups to share memories.

It all started at 10:38 when he wrote a message: "Merry Christmas, I just thought maybe you wanted to share some of my memories with you. I am alone this year and I miss them all"He wrote in the WhatsApp group he called & # 39; Merry X-mas.

Former Girlfriend 1

Some women leave the group without answering greetings, others, they received it with humor, but some began to discuss among themselves. A girl named Bella who claims to put her in a group where the woman accused of having an affair with her.

It arouses old revenge and reveals fraud or "misunderstanding" What Bella he believed, but Steph clarified that Tom told him they were no longer together, so he said he had warned him about the breakup.

However, Bella replies that it's on Facebook and she knows that she never checked it, looking annoyed, calling on the young fox with whom he thought he was fooled. But who The surprise is Gemma, former schoolmates who were surprised by the conversation and who yes he finally agreed to go with him.

Even though the protagonist's home country is unknown, conversations go viral for a strange fact, because not many men want to join their ex-girlfriend.

Look at catch from the group:

Former Girlfriend 2

Later Bride 3

Former girlfriend 4

Former girlfriend 5

Former girlfriend 6

Former Girlfriend 7

Later Bride 8

Later Bride 9

Former Brides 10

Ex Brides 11


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