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He checked his father's WhatsApp, found he had a boyfriend and wrote heartbreaking letters

A girl checks her father's WhatsApp and discovers that she has a boyfriend. His daughter, who was crushed, wrote to him to confide.

Candela's parents divorced when she was very young. Time passes and his parents get a new partner. But the way the girl found the truth was not at all happy. That's through the famous application WhatsApp how did he find out?

At that time he was just a girl. And now Candela remembers all the trauma she experienced when she examined her father's cellphone and found out the truth. His anger was born mainly because of his father's deception and insincerity.

When reading multiple messages on WhatsApp from his father, the girl realized that he had found a new love. Given the strong impact of the news, the girl wrote an epic text.

Now Candela decides to show the letter she wrote to her father, where the text shows the drama she experienced in 2013. She mentioned that the event was recorded on October 27. It is a time when it takes time to understand their parents' feelings. And that's what he wanted at that time.

Candela's letter is as follows: "My father lied to me. He said he didn't have a boyfriend and they couldn't imagine. I checked WhatsApp and he had one Paola and he said "love". I will start lying to him like he lied to me. The girl said funny, love and cuelo. If I see a girl here inside I will tell you my speech: "Father, you lied to me. I thought there were no secrets between us but I saw that there were many secrets. When did you plan to tell me all this?" And I left with Santy crying on my part and I closed it tightly. From now on I will never talk to you again. Today I will take risks. I will call him and I will say: "Hi, I see you WhatsApp and one Paola says love. When did you think of telling me, liar? "

Twit Candela has captivated the platform. "See what I wrote in 2013 in my violetta diary when I learned that my father had a dramatic JAKSJDJSJASJ girlfriend," the writer said. This publication already has more than 9,500 retweets and almost 80,000 & # 39; likes & # 39 ;.

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